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Pairing EvO with Car stereo via Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by RicHMaSTeRFLeX, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. RicHMaSTeRFLeX

    Thread Starter

    Hey, I'm having problems pairing my Evo with my Kenwood dnx6140 in my car. Can anybody help me?

  2. cary328is

    cary328is Android Expert

    Edit your post and add more specific details about your problem. (ie where in the pairing process is it failing? what's the error message? etc etc) I bet more people will be willing to help if your issue was stated right up front.
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  3. marctronixx


    indeed. i just got in the car today for the first time after purchasing the EVO and it took me seconds to connect it to my car (nissan armada suv).

    let me ask..

    did you set your phone to discoverable?
    did your radio at least sniff out your phone?
    is BT turned ON?
  4. R1_Rydah

    R1_Rydah Well-Known Member

    no problems pairing with my dnx8120.... if I would have seen this post earlier I would have made a demo vid for you... but the games on now, so ehh...
  5. glittler

    glittler Lurker

    I'm having problems connecting my EVO to a Pioneer FH-P8000BT. The phone will pair and the the phone audio will connect and work but I can't get the player to recognize the Stereo Audio

    Yes I have checked on the pairing to make sure that it is enabled.
  6. terikaem

    terikaem Lurker

    My husband's evo will pair but not connect to out bluetooth speaker. I have no issues using it with my hero though.
  7. biggggant

    biggggant Lurker

    I was having an issue with my kenwood KDC X994 it would pair and then display an HF Error 68. I think I finally figured it out and I wanted to share with any one else having similar frustrations. I think the issue is related to trying to allow the radio to have access to the phonebook. I reset the radio first just in case. I still got the error. I removed the radio from the phone's BT list and deleted the phone from the radio's list. Then I turned the BT off on the EVO and turned the radio off. I turned the radio back on and went to the BT menu and put it in search mode while I turned the BT on the EVO and made it discoverable. Once the radio found the Evo I told it to pair and then I authorized the pairing request on the EVO...
    ******Now here comes the important part****

    I then had a second authorization window on the EVO. The window asked if I wanted to let the radio have access to the phonebook....I said no...The phone and radio completed the pairing process and it worked. I was able to turn the car off the go to the grocery store and get back in the car and the Evo and the radio paired successfully (said no to the phonebook again) . I tested this by clicking yes to the phonebook window after returning to the car from another stop and I got the HF Error 68 again. So I am pretty confident its the phonebook access that blows the process up.


    Clear the pairing relationships. Pair the devices. Authorize the pairing but decline the phonebook access.
  8. R1_Rydah

    R1_Rydah Well-Known Member

    hmm that's odd, I allow phonebook access on my kenwood dnx8120, and everything works fine... does parrot make the bt module in the KDC X994?
  9. berardi1111

    berardi1111 Well-Known Member

    Everything worked fine pairing with my Ford Sync. Allowed phonebook access and all.
  10. biggggant

    biggggant Lurker

    Yeah it uses parrot for BT...maybe Kenwood needs to update the BT on the KDC X994.....Hopefully my post helps others....Does your Deck work with the phonebook?
  11. liamfm

    liamfm Lurker

    Has anyone figured out the phonebook sync with the KAC-X994? I have an EVO with 2.1 and I can connect fine, play music, make calls, but I can't get my phonebook to transfer at all. It just says "downloading" forever and then if I go to the "phonebook" on the deck it says "empty".

    This is a problem with Android or EVO.

    Any fixes?

    Worked great on my pioneer deck, transferred everything in about 30 seconds.
  12. Munnarg

    Munnarg Well-Known Member

    If the Evo worked on your Pioneer but not your Kenwood, chances are the issue is with the Kenwood.
  13. mw383

    mw383 Newbie


    i have an '09 Pathfinder and while bluetooth w/ stock system works fine for calls, i can't send phonebook or voice dial.

    i think this is a limitation on Nissan's side, not Android/EVO

    how do you make out?
  14. Flash77

    Flash77 Member

    My Evo paired with my Pioneer just fine.
  15. ceabbott2

    ceabbott2 Well-Known Member

    If the 8000 is anything like my 5500 then I have to switch from telephone to bt audio mode for the music will be played
  16. joebreeves

    joebreeves Lurker

    I can't even get my EVO to recognize that my DEH-700BT has Bluetooth audio. The head unit supports every standard needed. In fact this head unit has worked with two Blackberries, two HTC Windows phones, and a Palm Pre.

    The phone side of the unit works, I receive calls, the phonebook upload works, all that. Problem is, either the head unit or the phone doesn't recognize the fact that they can stream music together. The phone doesn't list that media playing is possible, and the head unit doesn't list the EVO as a music streaming device.

    I have updated the firmware on the head unit to fix a known issue with Nokia phones (kinda hoping for the best there), I've reset and updated my EVO to 2.2.

    Honestly I'm stumped. This phone is perfect otherwise, but this is really bothersome.

    Any ideas?
  17. R1_Rydah

    R1_Rydah Well-Known Member

    damn, I'm just seeing the replies to this thread... anyway, yup the phonebook downloads just fine... no problems whatsoever with my deck & Evo... but I do have problems with my BT headphones & Evo... sometimes it losses pairing after a phonecall, or can't handle the handoff from a2dp to a phonecall, but thats another topic...
  18. ceabbott2

    ceabbott2 Well-Known Member


    Just a thought but did you delete the old bluetooth... phone pairing (don't know what the technical term is) and start fresh? I assume you did because you updated the software on the head unit. If so I am stumped except to say I called Pioneer's customer support and they have helped me with pairing issues in the past. You will be on hold a while and they are on pacific time (Mon-Fri).
  19. blandce22

    blandce22 Lurker

    I was wondering if you ever found a solution to the problem. I am dealing with the same issue. Be sure to reply if you have the fix.
  20. HB Bee

    HB Bee Lurker

    I too just got the KDC X994 installed in my truck and it paired up just fine when it was installed. Worked fine the whole day. Then I drove my car and paired up with it's BT. The next time I drove the truck the deck is not on my BT device list and when I scan for devices it cannot find it?? Any ideas??

    I assume that we can pair with more than one BT device???

    I did get them to pair but the HU will not answer??
  21. setite

    setite Lurker

    First I would like to thank bigggant. I googled this problem from my EVO while I was in the car installing the deck and your solution was quite helpful.

    HB Bee. I found that to get the deck to connect to the phone if it doesn't automatically. Go into settings when you are on the BT Audio source, then Audio Source(or Audio something). Select the evos BT name, and click << on the deck or left arrow on your remote. You will see a - appear to the left of the phones name, and within 5 seconds you should see Audio Connected and HF Connected.

    Interesting bug I found. My BT audio source was only playing from the front speakers, with no way to fix it in sight. By clicking the phone in the bottom left of the remote I brought up the phone and phone specific settings became available. There I set the speakers to ALL, instead of front and then the BT Audio source played through all speakers and subs. I say this is a bug because it must be a mistake that a HF phone setting affects A2DP BT Audio sources. I only fixed it because I accidentally found the setting earlier when I was fumbling around.
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  22. Mad World

    Mad World Lurker

    Thank you!

    I have a car with a very good sound system, and I really wanted to be able to play music via Bluetooth. However, it would only play through the front speakers; my sub wouldn't do anything. After trying everything, I came across your post. Now, it's playing beautifully.

    I can see why you would consider this to be a bug; by default, should it not have been set to play through all speakers? Yes - it may be normal for a phone conversation to only play through the front speakers, but when it comes to music, I want it to play through all of them.

    Anyway, your post fixed something that would have bothered me for quite a while. I could have played my music through AUX, but my cables (for AUX and USB) are located inside of my glove compartment, so every time I want to change the song, I have to open it up and use the actual phone (and I can't really do that while driving). And I could use USB (with a USB stick), but I still wanted the ability to play music with Bluetooth.

    Also, I am curious with regard to whether or not it is possible to use the remote control (or controls on the in-dash CD receiver) when in AUX. If it's not possible, that's fine; I'm just wondering.

    FYI, I use a Kenwood CD receiver.
  23. MrFrankZ

    MrFrankZ Lurker

    I have the Evo running on 2.2, and it paired immediately with my Clarion VX401 (after entering the code). My only issue is that the track information does not appear on the screen. I have to keep an eye on the phone to see which track/playlist is going. I can control the tracks via the head unit, etc. but it is kind of a pain to not know which songs are next or which album I'm in (when I pair for BT audio, it starts WinAmp on the phone which shows the track information on the screen). Also, the audio quality isn't top notch, and the phones output volume controls the volume of the output in the car. I have sat there in frustration at a stoplight wondering why I was getting no audio to remember that my phone was on silent.

    As far as phone operations are concerned, the functionality is brilliant. After I paired, it asks to sync phonebook. Next, which speakers I prefer to hear call audio through. Then asks if I want pause the music to play the ringtone or display call information and beep. Lastly, you set the mic volume. I can't say enough about how clean this process is.
  24. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    I am going to look for more settings as well. I pair fine and have found most of the settings listed but can not get the phone book to pair, or get track info to display.
  25. MrFrankZ

    MrFrankZ Lurker

    I have read the instruction manual for my head unit in-depth, and even the images show only a control console and not track data. To make matters worse, the USB isn't recognized when I mount it. It charges the phone, but no musica.

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