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Pandora on the EVO

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rdegk15, May 31, 2010.

  1. rdegk15

    rdegk15 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Any of you current Evo users have Pandora app on the evo?

    Is the android pandora app pretty good? I will use this a lot !

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  2. pingpongboss

    pingpongboss Android Enthusiast

    Pandora on the Evo is AWESOME! You'll love it.
  3. rmmorse81

    rmmorse81 Member

    works great!
  4. rdegk15

    rdegk15 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    awesome! Pandora is amazing.. only used it on my computer tho and ipod touch.. glad i can finally use it in my car for road trips and such
  5. Android 17

    Android 17 Android Enthusiast

    You can adjust the audio quality to be higher from the default, just as you can on the pandora desktop site, right?
  6. marctronixx


    yes there is a setting in the menu. i used it tons on the hero in the car...

  7. sagedil

    sagedil Android Expert

    I currently use Pandora on my Hero and love it. It is by far my favorite application
  8. Bat~man

    Bat~man Well-Known Member

    I use it a ton on my hero, it sometimes gives me a little attitude, but I love it.

    I can't wait to use it on the EVO~
  9. Bek

    Bek Android Expert

    Works just fine on the Evo.
  10. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

  11. modern

    modern Member

    Pandora on my Evo is a little iffy. It freezes, force closes and skips songs on its own at times.
    mspooh2126 likes this.
  12. cmanbrazil

    cmanbrazil Well-Known Member

    Do you think it is the speed of the three g in your city?
  13. Spdy

    Spdy Newbie

    aww man cant wait to go to Pandora when I get my Evo! (Avatar reference)...haha sorry couldnt resist ^^'
  14. modern

    modern Member

    @cman I listen to Pandora usually at work and average about 2mpbs download on 3g.
    @ spdy :)
  15. Bat~man

    Bat~man Well-Known Member

    Ahh I hope it's not like this.

    I usually only use Pandora when I'm at the gym, and a lot of times on my Hero it gets iffy the way you describe =\

    We shall see tho
  16. fr4nk1yn

    fr4nk1yn Guest

    It gets "iffy" when the connection is bad. It usually happens to me on Wi-Fi.

    My question is does it bog the phone down the way it does on my Pre?
    This was the 1st app on my Pre and I still use it in place of FM or CDs in the car.
    It just slows everything else to a crawl ):
  17. misticjeff

    misticjeff Member

    Does not slow the phone down. Using a 3G connection (no WiFi) it streamed perfectly (High Quality) while I recorded video or when surfing the web. Changing apps was normal with no slow down.
    fr4nk1yn likes this.
  18. rdegk15

    rdegk15 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Pandora will for sure be one of my top 3 apps to be downloaded when i first get it..
  19. Rhys'Droid

    Rhys'Droid Lurker

    I can corroborate this, it keeps freezing and I have to kill the app on my EVO. Great while it is working...but something isn't playing nice with the EVO.
  20. SprintFun

    SprintFun Android Expert

    I just used it on my evo for the first time for 2 hours and never had an issue. Was your signal good? Or were you using wifi?

    Also, does anybody know if playing in high quality affects battery life at all?
  21. Rhys'Droid

    Rhys'Droid Lurker

    Signal is excellent...6 bars (full). It does seem that the 3G network around Indianapolis is a bit bogged down/slow though. I suppose that that could be it.
  22. fr4nk1yn

    fr4nk1yn Guest

    Pandora has mostly been working for me great.
    The one issue is the widget tends to start playing when i hit play on a video.
    Almost as odd as hitting play on my bluetooth headset playing music on the sd card but not showing in the music player.
  23. ScorpDX

    ScorpDX Android Expert

    I've had it Force close on me a few times when first opening it. Open it right back up and it's good again.
  24. wega1985

    wega1985 Newbie

    This is not a complaint, but coming from Pandora on the Pre, this version is a little rough around the edges. All in all, it's perfectly fine, but some oddities:

    • Turned it on and it automatically skipped two songs without me even touching the phone (...that I really liked too! I'm in a full coverage area)
    • I wanted to go back and thumbs-up a song, but it wouldn't let me go back like the WebOS version does.
    • Text message alerts clunky. Causes the music to break up, sharply cut off, instead of smooth fade in and out with WebOS version.
    • No option to light screen when the song changes. Either always on or always off.

    Minor gripes. That's what updates are for, right? Besides that, it is great.

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