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Pandora Radio: 3.5/5 Great App, But there may be bugs...

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Myst3ry, Jun 11, 2010.

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    May 23, 2010

    May 23, 2010
    [EDIT] i just saw that there is an update to this app, so i'll download it, play with it a bit, and get back to you guys with the update news, and see if the bug was fixed.[EDIT]

    This is a great app for any music lover out there, but there is one small issue that i have found. but first... the pros:
    - great selection of music (i have discovered many artists through this app)
    - The UI is very simple and pleasing to look at
    - it comes with a very simple yet essential widget that you can place on one of your homescreens
    - The sound quality is good (not great, but enough to surprise me)
    - the mobile version do not have a listening cap (after a certain amount of hours you have to pay)

    now the cons:
    - If you are an HTC EVO 4G owner, you may have some issues with this application. When you start listening, after an "x" amount of song play-throughs, it will suddenly stop working and you'll have to force close and return to the app.
    - If you are using ATK (advanced task killer) then make sure to un-check Pandora from the "kill list", because i have found a bug where if you "kill" it while its on, the Pandora widget still thinks that the service is running, and will display the media buttons (as if it were playing something, but it isn't) so then when you try to open it, everything will be blank, just a black screen.
    If this does happen though, all you need to do is open Pandora while it's bugging out, at the blank black screen, press menu and "quit" (i usually have to do this twice in order for it to truly quit). Then you can go and open the app again and it should work.

    Final thoughts- this app is great and encourage every one to get it, but if you own an EVO 4G, be prepared to run into a crash every once in a while. While this is annoying, it is not enough to not get this app, but IS enough to drop its score down.


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