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Pandora Radio: Has its bugs but is a must have app

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by TPack, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. TPack

    TPack Guest
    Thread Starter

    Every one has to have their music playing where ever they are. Whether I'm in the car, at home surfing the web, or out with some friends music always complements the situation. Pandora is of course a great free option for me to make sure that the music I listen to in any of those situations is:

    A)Something I actually want to hear
    B)Something I may not have heard before
    C)Of good audio quality

    Now the app has many of the features that you have grown accustomed to on the web version we enjoy on our desktops/laptops and even on some BR/DVD players and TVs. These include:
    -The ability to Like/Dislike songs.
    -The ability to create new stations, and access any of your already made stations on your Pandora account
    -The ability to choose a slightly lower quality stream in favor of fewer pauses/skips for when you may not have good signal
    -Pause/Skip functions
    -Access to Artist/song info
    -The ability to Bookmark songs
    -The ability to share songs/stations with your contacts.
    -A Widget you can place on your home screen.

    The App is ad supported with a small pop-up google ad. I never notice it because it doesn't interrupt radio play and my screen is often off as I use it mostly in my car.

    Now for the discussion of the bugs:
    They're generally mild in nature. The application has force closed a couple times on me, and every now and then it'll hang.




    a couple external reviews:


  2. NexuSix

    NexuSix Well-Known Member

    Mar 28, 2010
    If you have a Paid Pandora One account you have Zero ads.

    I have experienced Zero FC's and it never hangs on Google's Nexus One (ATT 3G version).

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