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Pandora, Slacker, who knows what else not working after update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stryker707, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. stryker707

    stryker707 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So I used to be able to have google navigation running, pandora or slacker in the background playing music, and even take a call or two all at the same time.

    When navigation spoke some directions, the music would halt just for the time being then play right away once directions were done.

    NOW, however, I'm guessing due to the froyo update - if I have pandora playing and navigation running, directions comign up halts the music as before, but instead of resumign automatically, I have to manually go back into pandora and hit play again. Even worse, in slacker, it will pause the music, but when it "resumes" it does so by skipping to the next song!

    Has anyone experienced this change or does anyone know what I can do to get things back to normal (except remove froyo if even possible). I like the other changes froyo brought other than this one.

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  2. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    Perhaps Pandora has not been update for 2.2 yet.
  3. thadrizzle

    thadrizzle Newbie

    Hey man, I just tried this out because I like to use Pandora a lot and I'm experiencing a lack in the quality after the update also.

    I used google nav and when I used the speech to get directions, it paused Pandora. Long pressed home button to get back to Pandora and it was on pause. Had to hit play and it resumed. I dont use slacker all that much...

    however though, I'm curious if you've noticed a drop in the quality of Pandora as well?

    I know there's a setting in Pandora you can switch between normal and high quality, but before the update, I always had the setting on normal and it sounded great: CD quality, rarely skipped, or buffered. But now, post update, I feel I have to change the setting to high quality just to get that CD sound, and it tends to skip a lot more...
  4. xxINFIDELxx

    xxINFIDELxx Well-Known Member

    I can use Pandora, but lost the widget.
  5. Quantizer

    Quantizer Newbie

    Pandora and other audio streaming apps using the AAC+ codec are blowing chunks since updating to 2.2 OTA two days ago. Consider Pandora basically useless until the next Android OS update, _IF_ Google chooses to fix it. The problem was reported as long ago as May in numerous forums, but apparently that didn't prompt anything to be done about it for the past three months leading up to the official release. Had I known how bad the audio quality would be after Froyo, I absolutely would NOT have updated, even considering biggies like SD app storage and Flash support.

    Issue 9308 - android - eaac+ and aac+ decoding sound quality problems (Android 2.2) - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Reply from Pandora tech support:

    "Froyo has a problem processing our AAC+ files. We have confirmed that this is an issue in the OS. Hopefully they will have it fix in the next Android release. Thanks for your patience in the meantime."

    I feel bad to a point for all the app developers that just got soccer punched with Froyo slaughtering their audio quality, but I also cannot understand how they didn't see this coming if they tested it, unless Google decided to go ahead anyway with the release. The only temporary fix seems to be to root the phone and deactivate the StageFright player in 2.2, but that may introduce other problems.

    Any Pandora users running Froyo - xda-developers

    For the other 99% of users, including myself, who will not be rooting their phone, it could be anybody's guess how long we have to wait for the next OS update... 2.21? 2.3? Weeks? Months?

    I already spent half an hour on the phone with Sprint telling them what I really thought of Froyo basically destroying streaming audio on my EVO. This is an embarrassment to all parties involved, nobody is denying it, but there seems to be no known ETA for resolution. Now that 2.2 is officially being unleashed on the public, Google/HTC/Sprint needs to state that resources will be directed to resolving this as soon as possible, with an estimate for how soon 2.x will be available.

    Yep, this stinks. :(
  6. privraac

    privraac Newbie

    Did you move Pandora to the SD card? I did the same thing and lost the widget. I tried moving it back to the phone which didn't work for me, so I just uninstalled and reinstalled and the widget was back!
  7. probinson

    probinson Well-Known Member

    I just tried Pandora and it sounded pretty good to me.
  8. jparker71

    jparker71 Member

    I haven't tried Pandora since the update but Slacker still sounds good.
  9. probinson

    probinson Well-Known Member

    I think this is just another one of those "Froyo broke my _________(fill in the blank)!" threads.
  10. swatpup102

    swatpup102 Well-Known Member

    I'm trying pandora right now, it seems to me like the high quality function is not working. This is not acceptable since it worked just fine in 2.1. Think we'll be left out int he cold on this one? It's the first issue I've seen that is making me unhappy with the google development cycles that HTC waits forever to be on board with. Any way to downgrade back to 2.1 for a while until this is fixed?

  11. I want my EVO

    I want my EVO Well-Known Member

    Slacker is fine for me. No audio issues at all.

    2.2 (leaked version .3) w/ Hard reset right after.

    I didnt try it right after the update so not sure if either of the 2 above mentioned things helped or fixed any slacker audio issues with 2.2 but to me it sounds the same.

    Ill try out Pandora to see if i have the audio issues and report back.

    Report: Just downloaded Pandora and it sounds great. No audio issues at all. Tried both the High Def and the normal audio quality settings and there are no issues.

    I suggest trying a hard reset. I really do. After that test it again. See if your quality issues are gone.

    But honestly I have no complaints about Slacker or Pandora.
  12. swatpup102

    swatpup102 Well-Known Member

    I wonder, can you tell a difference when switching between the normal and high quality on pandora? I thought it sounded ok too until I tried to switch the option to hear a difference and realized it was stuck on normal with some digital distortion. Through a pair of generic ear buds it woul dbe hard to tell, but through nice headphones or a good speaker system it's immediately noticeable.
  13. novarider

    novarider Android Enthusiast

    Is this something that pandora can fix or only google? I really like pandora I hope it gets fixed soon
  14. I want my EVO

    I want my EVO Well-Known Member

    I am able to tell a difference, or at least i think i can.
    I have some nice Sony Headphones that cost me close to 50 or 60 bucks back on launch day.
    I dont have the model number in front of me but im pretty sure they will do HD audio on them. Could be wrong on that but as for the audio quality im happy over all.
  15. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Pandora's the symptom - the problem was created by Google and would be best fixed by Google - in my opinion.
  16. Scott1620

    Scott1620 Newbie

  17. philly0128

    philly0128 Well-Known Member

    Both apps are working for me, but iheartradio over 3G/4G isn't working it just says connecting, but it works over wifi but gives to much buffers. maybe you should try pandora or slacker over your wifi?
  18. MustangPilot

    MustangPilot Lurker

    I just let my satellite radio subscription run out because I was so happy streaming Pandora in my car...now I'm pretty upset! I agree with Scott1620 - it sounds like AM radio now, even at high quality! I also left a comment on Issue 9308 - hopefully this will be worked out soon....
  19. kbass24emtp

    kbass24emtp Lurker

    Mine sounds like AM radio too. Hope they have a fix soon, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  20. stryker707

    stryker707 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The quality issues are a whole separate topic, but an appropriate one. I have definitely had to keep it at "high quality" just to maintain some semblance to how it used to be prior to the update. Slacker quality is fine for me.

    To restate though, my main problem is the "stuck on pause" after google navigation gives commands. It used to automatically pause for Google navigation voice commands, then play again after the commands were done.

    Now, it pauses just fine, but then sticks to pause. I was also mentioning that Slacker pauses and "unpauses" just fine but that the unpause basically means it just skipped to the next song! So I will be listening to one thing, Navigation commands come on, then when it plays again, it has started a whole other song!

    Don't get me wrong, I love froyo, but as previous members have stated, they should have done more about these apps that hundreds of thousands of users have.

    In the meantime, if anyone knows of how I can override or get back to how it was as far as the pause-unpause issue with navigation, I'm all ears.
  21. interccessor

    interccessor Lurker

    Works fine for me.
  22. thadrizzle

    thadrizzle Newbie

    I just decided to use slacker here at work because it seems,that pandora, aside from quality problems and what not since the update. it is skipping midway through a lot of songs.

    ...and so, while I had slacker on it skipped like 2 songs about halfway through as well, within the first 10 minutes of having it on. hopefully the app developers can work out these kinks, if they are kinks at all.

    Another quick gripe; whats up with the abc news update after a song on slacker radio. I heard 3 songs then they told me about this abc news sh-t. If I wanted the news I would check cnn or something. Don't ruin the app with this crap.
  23. stryker707

    stryker707 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just to clarify, by this do you mean you have updated to froyo, are running google navigation, and have either pandora or slacker playing - and when directions come over the air it pauses then plays automatically?
  24. clickclack

    clickclack Well-Known Member

    ESPN radio app stopped working...I'm pissed!
  25. novarider

    novarider Android Enthusiast

    Ok so google created the problem but who is more likely to fix it? Google who probably doesn't care if pandora works or not or pandora who wants people to use the app so they can make money?

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