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Root Paranoia S-OFF Question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by esmith818, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. esmith818

    esmith818 Well-Known Member
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    Nov 15, 2009
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    S-OFF is fantastic and I'm glad I did it. I am 99.99% certain I will never need VZW to handle my Rezound so technically I don't care whether the phone indicates "locked", "unlocked" or even "tampered" in the fastboot menu.

    However, following the S-OFF procedure, it now displays "JuopunutBear" at the top of my fastboot screen. It also mentions S-OFF and there is no mention about it's lock/unlock status. Everyone seems to talk about S-OFF allowing you to "fool" Verizon by bypassing the "unlocked/tampered" indicators, but it seems to me that if Big Red saw "Juopunut Bear" on the fastboot screen, they'd *know* the phone was tampered with. :thinking:

    So my question is, "Does YOUR s-off fastboot screen show the same information as mine, and if so, is that something to be paranoid about or do I just need to put it behind me and focus on the thrill of total control?"


  2. noles

    noles Member

    Apr 28, 2012
    Your phone is fine, nothing to worry about. Enjoy the ease of flashing now and the total control you now have.

    JBear's HBoot is an unlocked HBoot but they replaced unlocked with the name. In "another" forum there is a thread with several different unlocked HBoots with different sayings. The unlocked HBoot allows you to use fastboot commands. Otherwise, you're on the stock HBoot and you just have to use PH98s instead. I ran mine this way for a long time with no problems, then decided I wanted the ability to use fastboot, just in case.

    As for tampered it reads that way because you flashed a custom recovery. If you want to turn S back on, in short you could flash a stock HBoot/combo or RUU, then turn S back on, BUT be careful and read up first. If you try to set S-on while on an unlocked HBoot you will brick. Scotty has a great post/warning about this in the other forum, it may be in here also, I'm sorry but I haven't looked in awhile.
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  3. scotty85

    scotty85 Well-Known Member

    Jul 25, 2010
    well said,mr dash :)

    rest assured,that the "lock status" flag has been reset to the factory "locked" state,so if/when you run an ruu,your jp bear hboot will be replaced with a factory one,and since the flag has been reset,it will also display locked

    make sure you do not re-unlock to preserve this state,as just like before,you cannot get back to locked,only relocked.

    jp bear offers the patched hboot that you have to make flashing easier,as you can use the fastboot flash and fastboot boot that you were used to useing with s-on. a stock locked hboot,even s-off,wont allow these commands(tho there are other ways to skin the cat :))

    as dash said,run ruu and youre back to stock,locked s-off. run a command in fastboot and your back to s-on. also as he said,youre fine :cool:

    see this thread for more info: http://androidforums.com/rezound-all-things-root/550408-s-off-guide-info-return-stock.html

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