Help Password for internation call barring


I just tried to make an international call, from uk, and im getting a voice message saying 'calls to this number are barred frm this phone'. Just looked in my setting and outgoing international barring is enabled, its asking for a password to disable it.

I dont remember doing this, is it something tht would be barred by t-mobile?

Anyone know how i can get the password if it hasnt been barred by t-mobile?

p.s iv never made an international call before.



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So you are having an issue trying to call internationally from here to UK? The way I read it was you were having issues calling from UK. Do you have international calling enabled on your T-mobile account?


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Sorted now thanks, I'm in the UK and was trying to call abroad, it was T-Mobile who had barred international calling so they have just unbarred it.