Dec 20, 2013
My granddaughter has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 8GB wiFi tablet that is password locked due to a forgotten password. The tab was purchased before she came to live with me and no PC backup was ever made. There are no associated Samsung or gmail account apps for backup.
How do we recover from password lock?
If necessary how do we perform a hard reset?
Does hard reset remove all user music, pics and apps?
Thank your for your help
Bob Marquart
The FAQ did not help. This device does not have associated google account.

My granddaughter recently changed the password to something she simply can't remember.

The device simply continues to ask for a password. Each entry gives a wrong password message. Every 5th attempt gives a message that I have entered the wrong password N times and requires a 30 second wait before another attempt. Current count 70 attempts.
Turn off the phone, hold the power button and volume down button to get into factory reset mode.

Yes, you will loose all data.

Alternatively you can try using Odin to push a custom recovery system on the tablet and backing up the internal sd card before reset to save pics and music. They can be restored after the reset.
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