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Password manager - browser integration - Samsung smartphone

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by anwul62, Nov 20, 2020.

  1. anwul62

    anwul62 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Am looking for a password manager that integrates with Samsung Internet Browser on my Samsung S10 smartphone.
    That is to say, once the password manager is running in the background and I launch Samsung Internet Browser and access a website with empty login fields, then the password manager should offer to fill the forms.
    Similar to Windows desktop PC.

    I am using Roboform on for my desktop and laptop, but I can't get it working with Samsung Internet Browser on my smartphone. I don't want to use Samsung Pass.

    I have no problem paying for the software as long as it is easy to use and integrates with Edge (Windows) and Samsung Internet Browser.

    Any suggestions?


    p.s. Roboform on Android comes with its own browser (no add blocking).
    Probably other password managers are also coming with their own browsers, i.e. they do not integrate with the default browser...

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  2. polarfreeze

    polarfreeze Newbie

    I use LastPass on my S10e. I don't use the Samsung browser but, I have had it ask inside of apps that require logins that aren't browsers. So, I can't imagine it won't do the same with the Samsung Browser.
  3. anwul62

    anwul62 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thank you very much indeed.
    May I please ask what browser you are using?

    In my case when clicking on the link, from within my email I get the below screen.
    Roboform running. Nothing shows up, I mean no auto fill or something.

    I wonder whether LastPass offers to auto fill. Do you need to change things in the settings in both apps?

    Thanks again.

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  4. polarfreeze

    polarfreeze Newbie

    Brave. Yes, when I am logged into LastPass, I go to a website and then click into the user ID field, it will give me the ID to choose from. If I have more than one ID for a site, it will give me all of them to choose from. Sometimes though, it will ask if I want to fill with LastPass first.

    I've been playing around with the Lightning browser and it seems to not work quite as well. It gives me my google account to choose from and I can't seem to get it to let me choose a different credential. Granted Brave won't let me do that either but, it at least gives me the correct credential to use. I suspect that since Lightning may not be as compatible as it hasn't been updated in over a year and isn't one of the mainstream browsers. So, I am off to try other browsers. I do like Brave but, would prefer not to use it for reasons I won't get into here.

    For other apps (e.g. my e-mail client), I always get asked if I want to fill in the credentials first with LastPass before giving me list of credentials to choose from.

    Now I have had sites where LastPass won't fill on my desktop. I have to click the icon it puts on the right of the credential fields to get it to fill in. Like this site. Other times it won't do it the first time I come back to a site but, subsequent times it will autofill. This is on a Mac so I don't know if the Windows version has the same quirks.
  5. anwul62

    anwul62 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thank you again!

    The situation you are describing indeed is the ideal situation. No matter what I have been trying with settings (within Roboform and/or within Samsung Internet Browser), Roboform will not offer that and the Roboform email-support, usually being great when it comes to Windows matters, well, the support is close to zero when it comes to Android.

    Reason why, after more than 15 years... I am investigating alternatives, such as LastPass, Dashlane, Keeper. The better password managers work fine on Windows and usually that is the system they are being tested on, but there are hardly any words spent on how they operate on Android.
    And zero words about which Android browsers are being supported.

    [Off topic]
    Out of curiosity... how did you arrive to the decision to use Brave?
    Did you also try Vivaldi or other browsers?
    I know, it has nothing to do with password managers, but I might need to switch to another browser so as to get another password manager work properly, i.e. I might need to switch to another password manager -and- another browser which is supported by the password manager.

    Thanks again.
    (sorry for all the questions)
  6. polarfreeze

    polarfreeze Newbie

    Well, I haven't been to LastPass's website lately to see if they list what browsers it is compatible with. I'd imagine the main stream browsers or those based off of them are probably a definite yes.

    I have LastPass on my Mac (Safari, Firefox), iPad (Safari, Brave) and my Android (Brave) phone. Lightning and other browsers based off of it (e.g. SmartCookieWeb) don't seem to work too well with LastPass. Brave on the iPad and Android seems to work well. I can't stand Samsung anymore (will be the last and only phone of theirs I buy), so I don't use their apps. Disabled or uninstalled the ones I could.

    I chose Brave on the iPad first due to its ad blocking capability being built into the browser. Didn't need a third party app/plugin that I had to remember to keep up to date as well. Just seemed natural to install it on my phone. Never got around to installing it on the Mac. Too many bookmarks to transfer.

    Have not tried Vivaldi but, I suspect since it is also based off of chromium like Brave is, it would work also. I tried Midori and it is based off of Lightning also but, it was updated within the last month. Had the same results as Lightning.

    So, right now, the only one that I can tell you for sure that works is Brave and probably any browser based off of chromium.

    As for me, I think I am going to stick with Lightning even though it doesn't work with LastPass. This is because I rarely surf the internet on my phone and it is even rarer that I log into anything via a web browser on my phone. Basically, 98% of the time I use my phone as a phone. That is all I really need. The other 2% is is texting and checking e-mail.

    I'll still try others that I find on F-Droid. Don't like to install an app from the Play Store just to "try" due to the increase possibility of adware and trackers coming along with those apps.
  7. anwul62

    anwul62 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    (Up front... I am deeply sorry for the late reply. I *thought* I replied, until I got back on the forum and noticed that the text was grey and I could still hit the reply button - again sorry!! Really ashamed...)


    Again many thanks !
    Truly appreciate the elaborate reply.

    I will investigate this further. For me, a change of password manager is an important step and I won't do that easily.
    All password managers say they are great and I have not found any reviews disqualifying any password manager.
    The devil often is in the details.
    In the past I tried two other password managers for a short while, but they could not even log in into my bank account.
    One even managed to first import the credentials, but some relaunches later, all the credentials were gone and/or the buttons to fill fields strangely showed up floating elsewhere... instead of near the fields that should be filled.
    After numerous emails with support and after some re-installs, I gave up and returned to Roboform.

    Anyway, this is a few years back...

    As for Samsung Internet Browser, probably I should change to Chrome, or Brave, of Vivaldi.

    28-11-2020 edit:
    I gave LastPass a try and I discovered that it doesn't have a desktop UI, which is my strong preference.
    Gave Keeper a try, after importing data from my current password manager successfully and trying out sites, Keeper told me it had no entries for those sites, although they were definitely listed within Keeper. So, I gave up on Keeper, too much workload to visit each site and manually re-save the credentials. I intended.. to try out another password manager (1Password), but the support responses were terribly slow: wait for a day each time, the response prompted another question.
    Hence I returned to Roboform and forget about the auto-filling.
    BTW: I also tried Brave. Probably it is a matter of taste. No offense meant but likely I needed to go thru the tweaks listed on ghacks or so. I am now using Edge on my PC and switched to Edge on Android. It is really fast!! I think Edge is a bit underrated. Review sites usually recommend Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi for Android, but I am very positive about Edge.
    Could be because I am using Edge on my PC though.
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