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past longing

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by jij, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. jij

    jij Member
    Thread Starter

    hi, hadron Bless him! resurrected my perfect size & function for me htc desire bravo - he is a memory il carry - there are kind & selfless people out there still!

    in the pics of htc d b camera froyo 2.2, (upgraded from 2.1) you could type a note in 'title: img', which the camera in android 4.4.4 (my only gripe) u cant!!??

    ANY APK ... that will allow this or way of getting the camera from the htc desire bravo???? into a4.4.4????????

    will you be another soul il carry in mind for help given!?

    ps and htc ringtone list pls

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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    just an fyi if you put a "@" in front of a members name, that member will get a notification that that person was being mentioned.

    so if you say @Hadron he will be notified.

    anyways i do not think there is a mod or anything like that. you will have to have a developer mod the 4.4 camera to work on a 2.2 os. not even sure if that would work really. i think you should just look into getting an upgraded phone. IMO in todays world everything is updated and its to the point where older os will cease to function properly or will slow down to a crawl.
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  3. jij

    jij Member
    Thread Starter

    thanks 4 reply...
    im naff with anything tech, being a novice i feel the phone, except camera & deathly ringtone (thanks @Hadron) is awesome - its so fast, might fly android11-14?

    its like i got a new phone after my vol button died & @Hadron REALLY savd me from the huge 1's i c today

    camera is grand, just cant? add text in 'title: img' - ms affects my main hand & this beauty slips @ times, what with a 55" 1.

    thanks again, jolly 2021 to u
    everything is working i need, text phone...
  4. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    I don't recognise that feature, which makes me wonder whether it's a feature of the HTC camera app rather than related to the Android version (I only ran the HTC software on my Desire for a couple of months, after which I switch to custom ROMs, so don't remember the app very well).

    If you are just trying to rename the images you can do that in pretty much any Gallery app. You just view the image, select the option (3 dot menu) and look for a rename option. It may not be as conveniently located, but it should be there. Apologies if you mean something else.

    I'm afraid there's no way of getting the HTC 2.2 camera app to work on a different ROM: the app relies on HTC's "Sense" framework, and won't work in any ROM that isn't based on that (and the Desire won't run a more recent HTC ROM, which probably wouldn't support the old camera app anyway).
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  5. jij

    jij Member
    Thread Starter

    thanks hadron AGAIN - loving it! all the best 4 2021. u understood correctly, @ least i explaind well enough

    when i go into gallery, select pic & hit 3 dot menu a list drops down of 1-9 delete, slideshow edit, ro left, ro rgt crop, s pic as, details & print - for the life of me no 'rename' nor? can i in edit or details.

    iv so been trying to get a compatible camera app that might do this as htc camera did ie 'title: img' ie change to 'title: last saw them 20yrs? img'

    only other bug the ringtone 'somber'

    had @ocnbrze not mentioned '@Hadron', id b none the wiser!! the worlds in trouble! but there r kind heart around still!
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  6. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    Try adding a different gallery app. Most will let you rename images - at any rate F-Stop and Simple Gallery on my phone do (Google Photos doesn't seem to, but that's Google for you - their apps tend to be weak in features and customisation).
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  7. jij

    jij Member
    Thread Starter

    thanks! hadron SO GRATEFUL 2 u, 'simple gallery' is a GOOD last resort if no other way. if i can find a 5mp 4.4.4- camera app, similar to how the camera on the htc froyo 2.2 fuctioned ref renaming 'title: img' (though it must have had 1) - i cant remember having to go into a gallery after taking the pic, 2 + a note - currently iv 356 (dont know the reason for them) pics taken, it would be nice if from the camera feature, u could just type in 'john, junior school x yrs? flew by' there and then. true what u said of features... such a obvious point to me.

    do 'simple gallery' have a camera app? just came to mind

    im really enjoying the phone, possibly more than when 1st got!?

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