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Tips Patriot Signature MicroSD 32gb won't read

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by HolySafari, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. HolySafari

    HolySafari Newbie
    Thread Starter
    Sep 10, 2012

    Sep 10, 2012
    Hi, I have a problem with my patriot signature microsd 32gb on my 16gb Samsung Galaxy SIII which I use as a music and picture storage for my music player and camera
    The phone is rooted and is running stock ROM and kernel

    The problem:
    1)when transferring music files while the sd card is in the phone, using a usb and explorer method of copying and pushing sometimes the write protected warning pops up, other times the file would copy but I could not find it in my music player/gallery, other times the file is present for a period of time but after a restart of my phone the file disappears.

    NOTE: However, files that I have transferred using the microsd adapter and directly through the computer does not change at all.

    2)On the default camera I have set up the external sd card as the default location for pictures, but when I take a picture sometimes the warning that "sd card cannot be located and default storage is changed back into phone"

    What I attempted:
    I thought it was a formatting problem and so I tried to format the sd card using both my phone and pc into the phone's desired FAT32 format,
    but the problem persists.
    I have also inserted the sd card into the adapter and put the write protected switch up thinking it was a permissions problem

    Is it a faulty card? or am I doing something wrong?

    Additional Note:
    1)I have both ES file explorer and Root explorer and when I attempt to change the permission on my external sd card which usually appears in ES file explorer as "rwx-rwx-r(blank)x" it always fails

    2)When opening the gallery and trying to view some of the photos saved in the external sd card, it would appears as unable to load and just a black screen.

    3)I also export playlists from itunes in m3u format and puts it in a playlist folder in the sd card but it would never appear when I try to see it in a file explorer, although using poweramp I can import the list, but the old ones that I have placed on the card is also present unable to find them or delete them in either the phone or the pc

    I have really became desperate trying to solve this problem
    Please help me :(


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