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Pattern unlock problem!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Albanez39, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Albanez39

    Albanez39 Lurker
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    Ok...I know that this thread has been posted a thousand of times in here but I can't resolve the problem with any solution. I have attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. This caused me to not remember the pattern unlock I changed 3 hours ago because a class mate saw me unlocking it. Unfortunately I was thinking to some other thing. And got f***ed...

    Anyway, I passed the three past hours trying to find a solution before registering here to ask, I also wrote on other forums I were already registered but with no success.

    I tried every kind of hard and soft reset combos for all the android phones, and not only the Galaxy 5...but no result, it boots normally. And I tried drawing it for 55 times but no google sign in window appeared.. (I have linked the gmail with my phone since the first day I bought it.)

    So...can anyone help me please ?? I bought it only three days ago and it's already unusable FML!! -.-


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  2. kDmG

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