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Pay Close To Nothing To Cancel Contract

Discussion in 'Rogers' started by killthelights32, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. killthelights32

    Thread Starter

    I got fed up with Rogers system for dealing with my concerns, and also their pricing sucked, so I re-activated my TELUS account and ordered a HTC Hero.

    The thing was, I still have 2-years left on my contract, and to cancel would involve the ECF and the DECF of $400 and $100, respectively.

    HOWEVER, I have found a little glitch in the online price plan system that some of you may be interested in.

    When you go onto MyRogers to change your price plan, first of all, if you change the radio button to either 1 year renewal or 2 year renewal, you'll most likely get an error. But, the first option on the list is a ZERO dollar plan called 'Network Access Plan'.

    So in theory, you pay $0 per month until your contract expires, and simply cancel.

    However, switching to this "plan" does require you to pay the DECF ($100) because this is considered a 'non-data' plan. But $100 is a lot better than $500, by far. From there, just remove any add-on features, and then it's just a matter of waiting.

    And just think, if Rogers reviews your account for some random reason and decides to change your plan without telling you trying to milk money out of you, that is a breach of the contract and you can then proceed to cancel right then and there with no ECF.

    Hope some of you find this helpful!

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