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PC does not detect Android tablet

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ittiandro, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. ittiandro

    ittiandro Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have an Android 4 D2-912 device and I have two problems:

    1. I have inserted and mounted an external 16 GB SD card ( class 10 ).
    Even though the Android device is USB connected to my computer and it does show as such in the tablet, still most of the time it goes undetected in My Computer. Only the D2-912 icon shows there, but it is empty: neither the internal storage contents nor the external SD card show there, as it used to be the case before I inserted and mounted the SD card to create a SWAP fileI. I'd like to be able to see both the SD card and the internal contents of the tablet in My Computer.How can it be done?

    2. Also, I noticed that once a file ( most of my files are e-books) is in the mounted SD drive, it is difficult, if not impossible, to move it back to the internal storage with the copy/paste feature of the tablet. Applications such as the File Manager, Astro and others don't help much.This is why I'd like to control this through my PC.



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  2. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Android Expert

    Could be a driver issue, I guess.

    - disconnect the phone from the computer
    - uninstall ALL phone related sofware and drivers from the computer
    - restart the computer
    - restart the phone

    If your phone came with PC software, install this - do NOT connect the phone until prompted.

    If your phone did not come with PC software, connect it to the computer

    In both cases, do NOT disconnect the phone until ALL drivers have successfully installed.

    Alternatively, you might want to get an SD card reader for your PC - you should be able to find a USB one on ebay for next to nothing. Put the SD in that, copy the files to the computer and from the computer to the phone (which hopefully will show up fine without the SD card in it).

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