PC USB Connection After Marshmallow Update


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Hi everybody,

When I had Lollipop on my Verizon G4 it was always connecting as MTP device to my PC when I was plugging in USB cable. Now, after Marshmallow update, when I plug USB cable it connects as Charging only by default.

Is anybody else having this issue? How to make MTP connection as default USB connection?



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I found some info after searching the net. Charging Only is the default connection in Marshmallow and you cannot really change it so MTP will be default. You need to enable Developer options and then go to "Select USB Configuration" under Networking section and select MTP. And even then when you connect your phone to PC with USB cable you will get pop-up every time asking you "allow this computer to access your phone data?"


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Verizon forced the download on me but it appears they didn't charge me for the 1 GB of cell data.

I'm pretty sure it's going to break my favorite browser, xScope. Is there some way to stop the nag to update everyday?