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PC World STILL ranks Droid at #6 and Best Buy!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by The_Chief, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. The_Chief

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    WOW, after NINE MONTHS on the market, the Droid is still rocking the phone world!

    The September issue of PC World (page 52) ranks the Top 10 cell phones. EVO 4G is number 1, followed by the Droid X and Dinc. But number 6 on the list is the Motorola Droid... and it's marked as PC World's BEST BUY!

    Motorola Droid Phone Review - PCWorld
    Makes me feel good that, after all this time, I still have a top ten phone!

    BTW iPhone 4 isn't even on the list. Congratulations, D1!

  2. kbza66

    kbza66 Newbie

    and also 7 Android phones on that list.. definitely Android rocks!
  3. kbza66

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  4. Apeman

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    The Droid will be remembered as the first viable competitor for the iPhone, and started to wake people up from the Apple kool aid. I know in 20 years, I will pull out my Droid with pride. Even though by that time it would be pretty useless, it was the phone that revolutionized the market. The Droid will live forever.

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