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wanted too let ya guys know over here radio shack has the Pcd Virgin Mobile Chaser For 9.99 yup not a misprint you can order up to 3 at a time i went ahead & got this phone for my mom rooted it & installed the CWM based Recovery Made A stock backup which ill have too come back & thank the people who deserve praise for that , i went ahead & pricematched it @ bestbuy 9.99 & bought 2 years Geeksquad Protection which was more then the phone lmao but ya cant beat a deal like this no matter if you choose too activate it or not u can have a handhheald wifi tablet with mobile capabilities thats no contract

wanted too add walmart does pricematching & so does a few other places if ur local radio shack is out of stock & bestbuy

PCD Chaser No-Contract Phone for Virgin Mobile : No Contract Cell Phones | RadioShack.com


Wanted too Repost this Warning By DM47021 About CWM Based Recovery
Be careful wiping /data, your touchscreen files are somewhere in /data. until we figure out the rom structure. i dont advise it


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As of 4:24am on July 8th 2013 the sale is still good


As of Wednesday July 10th @ 4am this phone is still 9.99