PDAnet and Data Usage

So when I asked Verizon about switching my data plan from Alltel, they assured me the PHONE usage wasn't capped at 5gb, which I see others confirming. However, does PDAnet tell Verizon it's tethered or does it read it as the phone downloading whatever?

If it does let Verizon know, do i forfeit my "true unlimited" for the phone? Pandora for 6+ hours a day, streaming video's, etc have me at almost 7GB for the month (have not installed PDAnet yet) with 3 more days on my billing cycle. This makes me worry that if i even use 1KB in a "tethered" mode, they will charge me for all the overage I did on the phone AS A PHONE.

Does anyone know what the rules are here? Obviously if PDAnet shows as phone usage, we don't have a problem, but if it shows as data usage....how would they react?


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I had an alltel plan for unlimited data with my moto q, and I used that device as my primary connection up until I got my droid. I've gone over 5 gb tethering every month without a problem. However, I wasn't using pdanet with the q, but I am with the droid. I think you should be okay, but this is very much a grey area.


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Yeah, with Alltel it was simple: true unlimited.

But they assured me that the PHONE data usage is still unlimited. I'm just worried that tethering software will make ALL my data usage viewed as tethering usage (which would be HUGE overage fees....around 600 bucks on my current month).

Is it safe to assume that even if PDAnet reports it as tethered usage (or they look at the packets and see that) I wouldn't be charged and overage unless the tethered amount went over 5gb?