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PDAnet and S7 problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Finnbarr, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Finnbarr

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    Hello, this question only relates to other users who use the PDAnet app.

    Problem #1: The latest version of PDAnet flat out does not work. After installing the latest version (version 4.19) on both my phone and computer, connecting the phone via USB to my Windows PC, and clicking the PDAnet icon in the taskbar and clicking connect to internet, the connection appears to connect momentarily and then immediately disconnects. I have tried reinstalling legacy network drivers, reinstalling PDA to phone from the PC, restarting the PC and the phone etc etc. Nothing worked.

    My workaround was to install the older 4.12 version to the phone (a Samsung Galaxy S4) and PC. Using this older version worked somewhat ok, but did occasionally drop the connection when downloading large files. Speeds averaged around 15-25 mbps.

    Problem #2: My workaround is no longer working after I upgraded to a new phone, a Galaxy S7. (Yes I did try using version 4.19 of the App with the new phone; same problem still). Using 4.12 barely works at all. If I use a speedtest on my phone separately, unplugged, I get 60 mbps using the fast.com speed test. As soon as I plug it into my PC and enable USB mode, the speed test goes down to <1mbps. Something has happened.

    I need your help. Please tell me how I can get the full speed that I was getting before. Thank you

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