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PDAnet for HTC Desire

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by shubbard07, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. shubbard07

    shubbard07 Lurker
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    I have the PDAnet app on my HTC Desire, but always run into problems when I try to install it on my Sony VAIO laptop. Everything will act like it goes through smoothly, and the PDAnet icon will even appear on my laptop, but then when I click to connect it keeps saying make sure that the USB Debugging is enabled. It always is so I know it's not that...I believe it's something with the Android DBA Interface (or something like that). I always have an error message on that when I look at the control panel like it wasn't installed properly. I have tried several times to uninstall and reinstall everything and always get the same thing. Could it be because my laptop is the older model of the VAIO? Please help as I really need the internet over my laptop...if anyone has any ideas that would be great! Thanks!


  2. Uninstall everything related to the phone under Device Manager. Then reconnect the phone, and let windows reinstall the drivers. What version of windows are you using?
  3. Bang Bang Boom

    Bang Bang Boom Well-Known Member

    u don't need pda net on desire as desire has built in WiFi hotspot
  4. shubbard07

    shubbard07 Lurker
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    @sitlet: The windows program on my computer is XP.
    @Bang Bang Boom: How do I use the built in WIFI hotspot? I tried it before and couldn't get it to work.

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