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PDANet for Samsung Charge

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stevemi, May 20, 2011.

  1. stevemi

    stevemi Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have used PDANet on my Droid X and it worked well. I just got the Samsung Charge. I was able to load it on my Charge (using WiFi), but can't seem to find a driver for the computer side of it. Any suggestions? Thanks

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  2. If you need a driver, you would need to go to the site of your phone manufacturer and download it.
  3. stevemi

    stevemi Lurker
    Thread Starter

    No drivers listed on website.
  4. Then contact them by phone or email, they have to have drivers for it.
  5. wolfaltman

    wolfaltman Lurker

    Am just about to upgrade from original Droid where I used PDAnet (it worked great) and was wondering if you were able got the Samsung Charge to work with PDAnet.
  6. John83777

    John83777 Lurker

    At first on my one computer I trying to get pdanet to work but failing, I had installed the software that would install from the phone itself. DO NOT DO THIS! Do not install software or drivers from the phones memory.

    All you do is plugin the samsung droid charge into the computer and wait a few moments for windows to recognize it.

    Go into the device manager on your computer;I always right click on computer under start menu then click properties. Then when the new window apears click on Device Manager on the top left side.

    In Device Manager, find where the android phone is shown, mine showed under devices. right click the android device shown under devices and click update driver software.

    After it succesfully updates, now you can start fresh and install pdanet. When its installing and it asks the type of phone, select other. Then when it asks for permission to install drivers that are not supported, DECLINE (I had to decline twice) But defintly decline the driver install.

    Then with your phone set to debugging mode plug in your usb to the computer and phone and it should immediately finish installing the software and complete the normal process.

    Good luck! Sorry if this is not clear. It worked perfectly for me with my steps I listed. I LOVE THE Samsung Droid Charge!!!
  7. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation

    I moved this to the Samsung Droid Charge forums so it might help other Charge owners out.

  8. Bugler

    Bugler Lurker

    Thanks for moving this here.
  9. RustySkoog

    RustySkoog Lurker

    I'm going to try this out later today and let everyone know if I can replicate John83777's success.
  10. gizmo734

    gizmo734 Lurker

    Thanks John83777. To make things a little more clear if people are not yet aware, there is a missing step. Have PDANet installed on your computer. Look in program folder and find reinstall PDAnet to android phone. On the phone side simply go into Applications - Settings - Applications - Development. Once in Development engage USB Debugging (not on by default). I had Device Manager up and running when I plugged the usb cable back into the phone. The interface shown in Windows 7 Pro is: ADB Interface. Once it self installed itself and set its drivers, I ran reinstall PDAnet to phone. Works like a champ. VERIZON said it COULD NOT be done. There system was set to recognize and block PDA. Works great, and get faster throughput than verizon's tether for some reason.
  11. fysteb

    fysteb Lurker

    I have a wifi ipad2 and am thinking about getting a droid charge from verizon and then trying to install pdanet as described above on the charge. Does anyone know if I could use the droid charge as a hotspot for the ipad2? the descriptions above seem to imply people were using the droid charge as hotspot for a laptop. I wonder if the setup requires a laptop? I do have an old macbook pro (2008) and an old pc laptop (2006). thanks in advance for any guidance.
  12. saltyorange

    saltyorange Lurker

    It still is not working for me. I cannot even get PDAnet installed on my laptop without the process complaining about the USB driver installation not completing. Looking at the PDANet website, it says to install the Samsung USB driver. THe website even has a link....though it is a broken link. That is helpful. :(
  13. saltyorange

    saltyorange Lurker

    When in Device Manager, I need to look for the Samsung Android ADB Interface under Other Devices. Once I found it there, I was able to right-click and tell it update the driver. Once it did that, I could follow the instructions of the poster above and get PDANet to work.
  14. wolfaltman

    wolfaltman Lurker

    I figured this out by accident -- turn off the USB Debugging on the Droid and connect the Charge via a USB cable to the PC. Open the new drive under the Directory on your PC and you will see a folder that contains the Samsung Drivers. Install the drivers. Then try to install PDANet. (Don't forget to turn on USB Debugging.)

    It worked for me.;)
  15. ItsAboutTime

    ItsAboutTime Newbie

    PDANet would normally tether a Droid Charge to computers via a micro USB to USB wire (I think), and the Ipads do not have a USB connector. However, you can buy a USB to Ipad adaptor. Nonetheless, my wild guess is that the Ipad may need to be jail broken in order to accept the input through the wire, which then voids your Ipad warranty. You can't use PdaNet with an Iphone without jail breaking the Iphone and voiding its warranty, and I am guessing the same is true with an Ipad. Let us know what you find out.

    Another alternative is to use the free one month(?) hot spot capability for your Droid Charge and then pay Verizon the subscription price for the mobile hotspot capability for your Droid Charge going forward, in which case your Droid Charge would send a wireless wifi signal to your Ipad, laptops and other wifi enabled devices no problem. No jailbreaking of your Ipad is necessary. I have a friend whose company buys him a pocket size wifi broadcaster device that receives original signal through 3G, and then broadcasts wifi just fine to his Ipad and laptops. Your Droid Charge will do the same thing: serve as a hotspot wifi broadcaster for multiple devices with a subscription fee.
  16. Charge77

    Charge77 Lurker

    If you are having problems with the driver step for the Charge then go and download it manually from here: http://www.junefabrics.com/android/driver.php

    Choose the middle one (Samsung) and you should be good to go after the install of the driver. Now just install PDAnet and follow the directions that the op had (notably, choose other when prompted for a device). When it tells you to connect, follow directions for debugging and do it. Everything should be good to go.

    Thanks everyone for the previous posts. Could not have figured it out without you.
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  17. dblume1

    dblume1 Lurker

    I just got the Samsung Charge today and have been tring to get pdanet to work for about 2 hours. Mine can't find the drivers either. Below is a link ot the drivers that got listed as of 06-17-11 by Samsung


    I've been waiting on them to install now for about 40 minutes. They are taking forever. I hope pdanet works after this.
  18. rorkin

    rorkin Newbie

    Don't know why everyone is having so much trouble.. mine just came up and flew.. I have it tethered both by usb or bluetooth..
    Unfortunatly I don't remember the order I did things..On an xp machine
    Installed a couple of days ago..Fantastic app
  19. dblume1

    dblume1 Lurker

    Yea I got it to work. On my old droid I could hook up to my labtop with pdanet and then go to netflix and stream movies. Now when I try it, I get a message that says my served does not support it. What gives.
  20. nywebdiva

    nywebdiva Lurker


    took me a few hours to find it - worked with my new droid charge and pdanet
  21. llavan

    llavan Lurker

    Extreamly Helpful - Many thanks!
  22. azevedan

    azevedan Lurker

    With the help of these forum posts, I was able to get pdanet installed. Drivers don't automatically install with the Samsung Charge.

    Now to figure out how to actually connect....
  23. azevedan

    azevedan Lurker

    OK....had to reinstall pdanet. That got me a working device. Then I had to disable bluetooth on the phone end to get the connection to work. But now I'm typing this on my laptop tethered to my Charge. Yay!
  24. Wakey

    Wakey Well-Known Member

    Success with PDANet and the Charge. Thanks everyone!
  25. dgphotog

    dgphotog Lurker

    At the risk of awakening Apple haters (I was one once) I want to ask if anyone has tried this procedure on a Mac. I am to receive my Charge tomorrow, replacing my Thunderbolt after it lost me a huge deal when it had turned itself off once too often (on full battery).

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