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PdaNet free edition: Excellent Application!!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by justin.h, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. justin.h

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    I am a Mac user and finding an application or ROM that allowed a connection via tether on a Mac was long sought and frustrating. I was finally introduced by an online Article to pdanet. I downloaded it immediately and have been thrilled ever since. The application itself is very simple and just works, although the first time I used the application I did run into an issue both via Bluetooth and USB Connection. This issue was easily resolved by deleting any connection history within my bluetooth devices and then reconnecting with the pdanet program via bluetooth. This reset the devices description on the Mac from a storage device to a bluetooth modem. This is my favorite way to use pdanet as I can charge my phone while it does this and there is really not a noticable difference in speed between the USB connection and the bluetooth connection.

    Bottom Line: Very simple application that enables the user to connect to the internet via either their phone's usb charger cable or bluetooth DUNS. Very minimal learning curve and excellent speed in comparison to the cost of buying a 3G modem from any of the wireless providers.


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