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PdaNet free edition: This one’s for those AT&T customers.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Robert_Loblaw, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Robert_Loblaw

    Thread Starter

    As we all know AT&T is in bed with the Iphone at the moment. This has been the AT&T?s Android customers down fall. I know this is going to change soon but at the moment my Motorola Backflip is my best friend.

    My freedom...
    I work in an environment that monitors internet usage and writes people up for spending 16 minutes on the internet in a single month. This has caused a lot of fear through the company about the internet. Since I am an AT&T customer I currently use Android 1.5 on my phone. This older version of Android does not have the ability to tether. Until now, and William Wallace in the movie Brave Heart says it best "You can't take away my freedom" and PDANet is your freedom, brought to you by June Fabrics Technology Inc. This application has freed me from my tyrannical employer. I do not run the free version though. I ordered the full version which only put me back about $20 on sale. This application can tether Android 1.5 and it works as advertised. I recommend this application to anyone especially those AT&T customers with the only Android phone AT&T offers at the moment.

    10 out 10
    5 stars (for those Netflix people)


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