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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by baji, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. baji

    baji Member
    Thread Starter

    Alright, so I bought PDAnet a few years back for my iphone. I worked great for me then, but it required an iphone that was jailbroken. I got lazy over time and stopped jail breaking. I mean, I remember what a pain in the scrotillia it was to jail break the earliest versions of the iOS, and even thought it became much easier in latter versions, I just stopped bothering.

    When I got my Captivate on release day, I immediately contacted the devs for PDAnet and asked if I could transfer my license. They were kind enough to do that for me. So, I just wanted to publicly acknowledge June Fabrics, the devs of PDAnet for what they have done for me.

    PDAnet works like a champ for me. I spend a lot of time in the car traveling, so the ability to tether my netbook has been very very nice.

    Initially, I was tethering through the Samsung Kies software. That worked ok. But, PDAnet seems to work much better for me. I don't know how the explain that, but it is a fact.

    So this is my testimonial. PDAnet for Android is a great app!

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  2. Sharkonwheels

    Sharkonwheels Android Enthusiast

    Wait until you root it, and use Android-Wifi-tether!

    I have PDANet (bought it on their sale in May/June), but wifi tethering just kicks @ss!

  3. baji

    baji Member
    Thread Starter

    I have used WiFi tethering on my iPhone. It worked well enough. But, USB has worked better for me. I haven't tried the Bluetooth option at all in the droid version of PDAnet, but that is mostly due to the fact that neither my netbook or laptop have bluetooth built in. >.>
  4. t-readyroc

    t-readyroc Android Enthusiast

    That plus USB tethering just keeps charging your phone while WiFi tethering drains the battery...
  5. Shelbster

    Shelbster Guest

    Am I missing something here? I do not see PDANet in the market...
  6. t-readyroc

    t-readyroc Android Enthusiast

    Gotta sideload it. AT&T doesn't want you to use it ;)
  7. azan

    azan Newbie

    If you take out your sim card and look for it over wifi, you will have no problem downloading pdanet from the market. Worked great for me.
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  8. Sharkonwheels

    Sharkonwheels Android Enthusiast

    Don't even need to go that far...
    I think airplane mode, then turn on WiFi, and then go to Market is enough.

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  9. pdxrealtor

    pdxrealtor Newbie

    Wow... ATT can block what turns up in the market?? Maybe that sounds newb.... so be it ! :D
  10. rob989_69

    rob989_69 Well-Known Member

    Download a program called Market Access, you have to google and install via QR code. Once installed, open it, backup your current code, then load the TMobile code. Basically gives you access to the same market TMO has aka unrestricted.
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  11. pjs2004

    pjs2004 Newbie

    My home internet service had some problems and went out a couple times recently for a few days (struck by lightning), so I've been using pdanet. I love it. They make a good product. I couldn't get Kies to work, but pdanet works perfectly. I used it on a palm centro before, and it worked great on that too.
  12. auscon4

    auscon4 Lurker

    I wouldn't have even realized that BigBrother AT&T would restrict some apps from the Market, how's that for being na
  13. cmxchuck

    cmxchuck Lurker

    I installed this yesterday and it is a great APP. To get APP on phone, the flight mode and wifi work great (I have AT&T). I had problems installing USB drivers on my desktop but worked fine on my laptop. I tried only using USB drivers (not KIES) for PCs. Does this APP work with KIES PC drivers?

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