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Peace out LG Spirit community

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by killajoe, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. killajoe

    killajoe Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Traded over to Verizon Galaxy S 4. I appreciate all the help everyone has given. And the awesome work GT and PG are doing has really brought the spirit to life

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  2. GameTheory

    GameTheory Android Expert

    Enjoy your new phone... It's a beast. ;)
  3. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Extreme Android User

    make sure to keep plenty of lubrication on hand. ;)
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  4. OcalaFlGuy

    OcalaFlGuy Android Expert

    Remember Safe phoning!

    Be sure you have a Goodyear Polysteel Radial condom over your wallet.

    Bruce in Ocala, Fl
  5. noirelion

    noirelion Newbie

    I'm upgrading too...but not leaving MetroPCS...the Galaxy S4 is $685 with tax and phone # changeover fee, new Spigen Slim Armor red case and Sandisk 64gig microsdhx? card... I'm getting mine this weekend...

    Its a big chunk- to pay out at once...for a broke *ss like me- but I did ALOT of overtime..my sleep deprived old *ss- deserves it.

    Edit:I got the metro gsm 919n Samsung Galaxy S4 -Description: Orgasmic mechanicals and the software... I only used TouchWiz like 2 days before I rooted for "other tethering options".... only issues I had with it were -choosing 64GB Sandisk Ultra class ten sdcard- (uses exFat instead of the fat32 everyone else uses....-most roms don't support exFat(I eneded up formatting the card in clockwork mod recovery-to fat32-or whatever that recovery formats sdcards to-still most roms wont read a 64gb card???)-
    so I'm using after much trial and error- m3dd0g's "StockDroid"- which recognizes my 64gb sdcard and has the options I mentioned. I'd like to explore Touchwiz again- and I will as soon as a Touchwiz Rom appears that supports sdcards at 64gb and those options.... Gaming on a GS4!!! There is nothing a phone can do on Earth- that the Galaxy S4 cant... and with panache, speed and style- this thing is off the hizzy-STOCK... rommed with all the bloat off it using aosp rom- its as fast as thought- you hit the button/touch the screen- its happening.

    I look fondly at my erstwhile LG Spirit in my wife's hand....remembering tinkering with it (she wont ever change the rom-who are we kidding?)...so I guess this is goodbye. I won't leave these forums- I'm just on the Metro/Tmobile forums (the Metro S4- can freely use T-Mo roms- (its the same phone guys)...

    I wish each of you the new LG G2- or a Galaxy S4 (5?) of your own soonest.... take care.
  6. noirelion

    noirelion Newbie

    I got the Metro Galaxy S4- (22mb down- 12 up- in midtown Philly-swaaaaaeeeeeeeeeet!)
    And I pay $60 dollars a month in my plan(including taxes and fees)- for truly unlimited data-

    your plan is minimum $110 a month? +plus taxes and fees... (edit: AND you are on a Data Rationing Plan-DRP=derp)- whats your data plan? 2gigs a month 4? 6?- for 100 dollars more a month?
    Why on Earth- did you do that to yourself? lol
    (and my phones as sweet and fleet as yours....
    Metro is using Tmo- 4G LTE GSM towers-for all Gs4)...
    You made a bad deal. Paying upfront for the phone- is hard.
    I get that... but not taking that knock on the head costs you thousands more...
    in the 2 year contract you are stuck with.
    Save your money up..and buy it outright.
    Then save BIG-$1800- 2000 real dollars over 2 year span of the "majors" contract...
    even after paying upfront the full phone price.

    The numbers don't lie. Bite the bullet early-
    and then smile at the fools to cheap or (light bulb is dim)
    who pay double and triple for convenience and "subsidy"....
    they are raping you on thos ATT/Verizon/Sprint plans....

    I get it... Metro sucks in Philly if you are on 1x -
    but with a Galaxy S4-now- you are using the GSM 4G LTE system
    T Mo- just spent billions on (after those chumps at ATT botched their merger deal(had to pay T-Mo 10? billion!).... T- Mo bought Metro with that money and also purchased more bandwidth and better -ramped up 4G LTE....
    Metro*T-Mobile with a premium phone like the Galaxy S4- is the best deal you can make in an urban market.... LTE and super fast HSPA+ even in suburban Philly areas aka- the boonies....
    This isnt the kiddies plan anymore- Metro with a GS 4 is for the smarter serious grownups .... lets keep it a secret... to keep the ATT/Sprint/Verizon noobs paying all that loot- while we eat cake over here with Galaxy S4's and superfast GSM 4G LTE-UNLIMITED DATA paying 60 bucks a month! Shhhh.
  7. He is right you are screwed. I will never goto Verizon. I am on Sprint but I am one of those SERO customers. So now I'm on SERO premium with A galaxy Note 2. This is still better than what you just gor into. my bill is still about $60/month. I have a limit on talking but can care less since I'm a data user/texter. Since SERO days I would tell people all the time that it was better to pay that price up front. (Still contract but had to pay that down payment for not having the best credit but still saved that 1800 to 2000.

    Now a days companies like Metro are the way to go. Now the Note 3 is out. I can buy out a note 3 use it on Metro & still spend less than you in 2 yrs. And get this sell my old phone and get some of that $700 spent on the Note 3 on ebay.

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