Peeps wanting to uninstall the latest 2.1 Update!!


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For those of you that want to uninstall the 2.1 update, and you decide you want to root, I do not know if it works but you can give this a shot and if it doesn't work it does not matter as you are rooting anyways, if you install the uninstaller program by Rhythm Software, when you check the programs that you can uninstall you will see Android system 2.1 update 1 and the com.htc2.1-update 1, so if you are rooting and wanting to revert , then try uninstalling that update and see if it works, if it does beats having to install the .5 update again to root, give it a shot and let us know, it is also a great program as you can always see what version program you are on also!! :rolleyes:


Android Expert
Lol, I do enough rom flashing to wipe my phone as it is, no need to do it by uninstalling Android itself lol. Besides, 100 bucks says there is no way in hell it works.