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Pen calibration?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by obi1kenobi, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. obi1kenobi

    obi1kenobi Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Is there any pen calibration on this thing? Mine is offset a bit when i tried to write on it, iv'e tried changing the orientation from left hand to right hand but still kinda offset very annoying when your trying to write or draw something. :(

    Are you guys having the same issue on your note?

  2. steven68

    steven68 Lurker

    Yes. I'm having the same problem. Even it's just off a bit, it's very irriating not able to join my writing properly.

    I called Samsung Support in Singapore, was told that there isn't any calibration software on the phone for the s-pen. I need to bring my Note to the service centre for physical checking.

    How can Samsung not know about this?
  3. dimipentchev

    dimipentchev Lurker

    Same problem here. I don't think the physical check up will change the things.
  4. k9vap

    k9vap Lurker

  5. holgalee

    holgalee Well-Known Member

  6. mightymoose02

    mightymoose02 Well-Known Member

    Samsung needs to bring out a calibration software.

    it is a bit off.
  7. darkmav

    darkmav Member

    I had a similar problem initially, but after some prolonged usage, the offset seems to have gone away.
  8. darkmav

    darkmav Member

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  9. FrankTiger

    FrankTiger Lurker

    Here's the solution:

    Move your pen around the screen, making sure you touch all edges.
    (I've made a swirly move above the top, right, bottom and left side. Making sure the pen goes on/off screen multiple times.)

    Results in my case were near-instant. Initially the pen was off-set about 3 mm. Now it is hard for me to see if there is any off-set at all. I'm guessing it's perfect.

    Apparently the auto-calibration does work. Off-course it needs to detect the maximum for up/down and left/right movement before it can actually work it's magic. This also explains why it seems to get better 'over time' - you're near the edges more often and calibration adjusts accordingly.

    Thank you google for pointing me to this site. Hope it helps everybody a bit. No need to send it in for a 'hardware check-up' !
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  10. FrankTiger

    FrankTiger Lurker

    I hope you see that pen input in the video is also lagging slightly?
    As does mine, there may be a minimal (0.05 second) additional delay, which is difficult to tell from real-life experience vs video ...
  11. jjamain

    jjamain Newbie

    Thanks for the tips..It works for me and sharing it inside my blog...

    :: Android Fever ::: How to calibrate Galaxy note S Pen
  12. mehdibelabbas

    mehdibelabbas Lurker

    if you upadate your OS. the probleme gone. i confirm that.
  13. Ziplomatic

    Ziplomatic Newbie

    If Auto-Rotate is enabled, the problem is gone :)
    But without that we still need a fix.
  14. jjamain

    jjamain Newbie

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  15. shivshreyes

    shivshreyes Lurker

    Seriously, it did not work for me.
    Can you please make a video of it so that it will be helpful for all other galaxy note users.
    thank you
  16. shivshreyes

    shivshreyes Lurker

    Seriously, it did not work for me.
    Can you please make a video of it so that it will be helpful for all other galaxy note users.
    thank you
  17. Chatr

    Chatr Lurker

    Thank you it work for me
  18. Europa76

    Europa76 Newbie

    I have just found this application in the Market called "TouchScreenTune" for Galaxy Note
    It'll cost you 5 bucks but it really works. You can manually calibrate the s-pen..!! Excellent
  19. francton

    francton Newbie

    Mine has a perceptible lag (a second maybe). any way of overcoming this?
  20. reverse2010

    reverse2010 Lurker

    Try the following:
    1. Select "Phone Icon"
    2. Enter *#0*#
    3. See "LCD Test" at top
    4. Select "S-Pen Test"
  21. francton

    francton Newbie

    hmm.. I dont think there is a lag. I looked again closely its the offset which I mistook for a lag.
  22. Flacker

    Flacker Lurker

    I have the same problem with the offset.
    I tried to check the pen with the *#0*# - method, and then I realized that my pen does not work entirely at edge of the screen. Please see the picturelink.
    I have colored all I can with the s-pen at the edges, but the at right edge you can see that it is getting "greener" (since I can't color there) the lower you get.
    At the bottom there are a BIG green gap.

    Does anyone else has this? Could it be that the digitizer was glued too high on the LCD?

    I can't post links or pictures apparently,
    I hope I dont brake any rules here, the picture can be found at lysnesDOTcom and is named \screenshot.png
  23. jlpatte2

    jlpatte2 Lurker

    Thanks, this has helped a ton! I was off high by about ~1-3mm and now its right on, its amazing how much difference that makes int he perception of "connectedness" all the tests on the *#0*# number are also cool, a nice little side find!! Thanks, Josh
  24. jlpatte2

    jlpatte2 Lurker

    BTW I just did a double check, and while the "auto cal" fixed my alignment between screen and pen, I too am seeing the same thing flacker did, with a small gap at the bottom/bottom right; I have the ATT i717 version; and I think its off by almost the exact same amount as your screen shot. Even odder, at the bottom right corner, I actually have a little round area about the size of the s-pen's tip that won't record in addition to the edges... Nothing that would ever cause me problems I think; but odd nonetheless...
  25. itsrijo

    itsrijo Member

    try holding the pin upright while writing.....it seems to help

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