Help Pendo 4GB model-have I been ripped off?


Hey all,

I bought a Pendo TPC&SLV. I bought this as a 4 gig model. Apparently they come in 2 gig and 4 gig.

Under Setting/SD Card & device storage settings it states there is Internal flash storage available space of 2.61GB. I asked about this and was told the rest (of the 4 GB) was taken up with apps. Does this sound right?

Internal device storage reads 193MB available.

I just want to make sure it is the 4 GB model and not say a 3GB model? Is there a way to check the full capacity? I am confused as under these settings it says Total space 2.61GB and Available Space 2.61GB?




Its not the chinese at fault but dishonest sales and marketing. They may well be correct I have a 4 gig one as well. There is a lot of crapware and spyware intergrated into the pendo stock devices. They do not inform anyone that you can not use google apps easily you are not in stock form able to put purchased apps from google apps onto the pendo they may not work due to the chinese GETJAR (google apps sensored chinese government approved equivelent.) And as the pendo`s are thus not supported by google nor Android the apps have to be modified and approved for sensored Andriod delivery to sensored Android devices. Pendo au give speal about voiding warranty to root these devices yet they clam up when asked that rooting will de sensor these devices and the non disclosure of being a sensored device is illegal in au (if only the powers that be would enforce their laws.). My advice de brand and root if possible custom rom and then the pendo may be better a f lot better than stock form of device

michele rae

I am about to lose my mind... I just bought a pendopad 7 with google play 8 gig storage and it stated it supported unto 32 gb sd mini... so i purchased a 32 g card, inserted it, "mounted the card" and went about downloading movies for my sn son... it filled internal storage ignoring the card... how do i select that card as the place to download to or move thing to it????? are