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Pendo pad 7" apps move on homepage

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Aug 6, 2013.

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    I have a pendopad 7" which I am rather happy with, just using the WIFI at home to download some apps then taking it to school (I am a teacher - pad is the bribery) where no WIFI for non-school toys and the apps that I have put on my screens have gone. They are of course still loaded on the device and I have to go in to the 6 dots menu at the bottom to where the apps/widgets are and move them back onto the home screen again. If I am at home with WIFI it remembers where I put them and they are there again but without touching anything at school again then its forgotten.
    I have tried placing the apps on the screen at school and this helps it remember but when I change the screen angle it looses half of them???
    Any ideas what has happened? What should I do?
    Thanks in advance for any help.


  2. androidpod

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    Greetings and Welcome to the Forum

    I would start by resetting the device.

    Reset the player (use a paper clip to gently press the Reset button (on the bottom of the player).Turn on the unit again

    If this doesn't resolve the issue and you would like further help, simply register for our forum (it's free), find your make and model in the list of devices, and post your question.

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    If this is still a problem, you could try turning off wifi before taking the pad to school. Leaving wifi on means it will keep trying to find the network(s) that you have registered for and any new ones. Turning it off also saves battery usage.
    Theoretically - I remember reading somewhere that the shortcuts on the home screen can disappear if the internal sdcard is not readable at the time the home screen is building. Potentially any delays like looking for a wifi that is not there could cause this to happen.

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