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Pendo Pad 7" PNDPP41DG7 Black or Silver

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CrazyV8, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. CrazyV8

    CrazyV8 Lurker
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    If you haven`t bricked but want root plus extras. MAKE BACKUP - using Uberizer option i/3
    If you have bricked or semi bricked.
    OK you need these files (google them)
    3.FaaastJB-v2.5 (Big thanks to Toxicro)
    4.plus from toxicro if you scroll down under special ts modules and grab this :-
    Multiple TS/GS: gslX680-ft5x_ts-gt818_ts-gt811_ts-zet6221+bma250-mma7660-dmard06-mma8452-kxtik-mxc622x-afa750-mma865x-lis3dh-mc32x0

    Install 1. then 2. open livesuit and open faaastjb img
    Then with pad fully turned off press Vol- and whilst holding it plug usb in and wait for a prompt.
    then answer yes, twice. image will install and reboot.
    When pad is up and running from the module you downloaded and extracted run the run batch file with pad connected to computer. it will restart and if done right.
    working rooted and a working touch pad.

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  2. drakkar

    drakkar Lurker

    sir, i've done it and I think it affects the touch screen of my tablet and now it's not working.I think it's a boop loop
    please give some advise
    thank you

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