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Pendo Pad Backup or flash

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by drbogg, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. drbogg

    drbogg Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi everyone nice forum you have here, Anyways i have a pendo pad i did not buy this from dodo but second hand, the problem i have is i am locked out of the unit, i have spoke to pendo about this and they refused to help as i am not the orginal owner suxs

    Now what i would like to know is can these units be re flashed and how ?? does anyone have a program to do this or has the flash.

    Any help would be great


  2. beneschk

    beneschk Lurker

    Hey, this is a pretty easy and simple process. I assume you are just locked out with a password lock, here is how to restore it.

    you need android SDK (self development kit) just google android SDK to download install it to C:\ (assuming you are using windows, dont know how to do it any other way) now once installed open up SDK manager and download android SDK platform tools and android 2.1 SDK platform.
    once done that download a thing called superoneclick. just google shortfust and download from there

    Now if using windows 7 go to computer click system properties and advanced system settings. once there you need to click environmental variables in the box that pops up you need to go to the second section where it says system variables and look for PATH in the text box. then change the path of PATH to C:\android-sdk\platform-tools\adb.exe
    (assuming you installed in C:\, if not change the path to where ever it is).
    with windows XP just click start RIGHT click my computer properties and find environmental variables and complete the same steps as windows 7 instructions

    now turn on your device and plug in your USB cable. once done that open up the superoneclick and extract it to a folder on your desktop, then open the application and click SHELL ROOT, a few prompts saying auto version verify didnt work just click yes.
    now once it has finished it may crash it still should have worked though.

    Now open up your command prompt
    (windows 7 & vista) start then type cmd in search and press enter
    (windows XP) press start click run and type in CMD

    now once in CMD a black box should appear (sorry if you know what CMD is just to make it clearer) type in the box "adb shell" without the quotation marks
    wait for it to finish
    once finished it should pop up with a # or $ sign
    If its a # sign your on the right track
    if $ sign go back to the super one click and re-do that
    so if you have the # sign just type "wipe data" without quotes and it should re-boot your device in factory default mode :D
  3. drbogg

    drbogg Lurker
    Thread Starter

    could not get it to work, one click crashes and when i go to the cmd screen and type in adb shell i get a error adb is not a recognized command ??

  4. beneschk

    beneschk Lurker

    The super one click does crash, but still works. and as for the command prompt error, you need to make sure you have set your environmental variables right. To change this click start, then right click computer, then properties. a screen will pop up saying system properties, along the right side of that window there will be a thing saying advanced system settings. Once you have clicked that down the bottom of that window it says environmental variables. once in that you go to the second scroll thing saying system variables and go down to PATH then change that variable to

    that is assuming you installed android SDK in C:\ if you didn't, change the path to wherever you installed the SDK and find \platform-tools\adb.exe

    Hope that help :D
  5. ok after reading this none of it worked my tablet is stuck on the Pendo Logo after rebooting after rooting it with The PBP ROM.
  6. CrazyV8

    CrazyV8 Lurker

    Hi Shadow did you sort this out? if yours is the newer model this won`t work. just a thought.

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