pendo pad


hi guys new here , i am getting a pendo pad, is that like ipad? apple not sure how andriod apps work?, is there a main app you hit and more download?. Are the apps free? i know how to work and ipod touch. :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: Has it got IE on it to browse forums?, what do you use for email??, i would like msn messenger and skype if i can. I think it has 2.1 on them, any other good apps??? what do you watch tv shows xvid with? VLC player etc.


It is not like an iPad, the experience is different.

It is a cheaper device, hence games and the feel will be slower.

The apps are generally free, there is a main app that will let you download more.

If you know how to work an ipod touch, you should get MOST of it, but there are some things with android which take a while to learn.

MSN messenger will work, but Skype's application may struggle on 2.1

I think a Gmail client will work for email. Tv shows will work, you will need a large capacity micro SD though (8gb + about 15 AUD)