Pendopad 4.0


Hey all,
I am a total beginner with this, we got it for the kids to play games on so they leave our phones alone. Heres my problem, I don't have a wireless router, we are hooked upto the internet via ethernet cable, so I tried using my phone HTC XL as a hotspot ( I did this successfully with my parents laptop ) but when the pendopad hooks up with it I still can't download anything or browse.
Can some kind soul please help with this?


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Welcome to Android Forums Tucky!

I wish I could help you out but I'm not sure why it won't connect. Unfortunately this isn't a very active section.

Just thinking about the basics, does the tablet connect at all to your hotspot? If it does, can you get to something simple like Google?


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OK. Let's try this step by step. You enabled the hot spot which worked with a laptop. You enable wifi on the tablet. Does the tablet see the hot spot?