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People has stopped unexpectedly, phone won't start after factory reset

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AhmedPowers, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. AhmedPowers

    AhmedPowers Lurker
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    I have a strange problem on my HTC one M8, the phone is not rooted and doesn't belong to any carrier (unlocked).
    I was getting the message "People has stopped unexpectedly" regularly, I press don't send report and it pops up again and again. Prior to that I was getting "android.com.settings has stopped unexpectedly" so I couldn't go to settings or contacts.

    Anyway I done a factory reset by holding on to the volume and power button. After that it's all downhill.
    My phone does all the factory reset process, then it tries to start up and "People has stopped unexpectedly" pops up while booting, not allowing my phone to start. So it's stuck on the part where it says HTC in green and a white background.

    Help me please :(

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  2. AhmedPowers

    AhmedPowers Lurker
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    so I downloaded RUU for m8, but my phone isn't recognised by my laptop. I tried with my sister's m8 with the same cable and laptop, it works fine. I think my phone is done for, can someone tell me if I should trash it? or is there hope?
  3. saltire

    saltire Android Expert

    Definitely don't trash it yet. Does it get stuck on the boot screen every time you try to restart it? It probably won't get recognised by your laptop in this state as it's a "limbo" state, not fully booted up but not in fastboot mode either. Can you boot to the bootloader ok? You can get here with phone powered off, press and hold power + vol down. Or if phone is stuck press and hold power + vol up to force a restart, then when screen goes fully black (i.e. powered off) keep power pressed and press/hold vol down.

    Edit : I only see black blobs in those images you uploaded by the way ;)
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