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People most happy with the Hero are rooted?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Illuminator, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Illuminator

    Illuminator Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Greetings all,

    As seen in the following thread, I'm looking at buying a new phone. So far, the Hero seems like my most wanted phone; but reading through various reviews online from people using the phone, they seem to be rather unhappy with it. Experiencing dialer and application lag, as well as sometimes screen freeze-ups and other maladies. The people who I've not once seen complain about the Hero are those who have rooted it. Is this truly the case? Is the Hero a much better and much faster phone if it's rooted? Some have told me to avoid the Hero, but clearly there is some discrepancy here.

    Is it true then? Does the Hero come into full function and non-laggy glory when it's rooted? Is it worth picking a used one up on Ebay to replace my old phone, root and then love for a long time?



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  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    The Hero is a MUCH better phone when it is rooted and running a custom ROM. Is it perfect, no; it is a MUCH better phone than a stock phone though.

    The problem with a custom ROM is you only get the support of the community/Developer. Sometimes they can get the problem fixed right away and sometimes you are stuck with the problem. The advantage to a custom ROM is you can get a ROM that is already the way you want it (or at least pretty close) and tweek it to meet your likings.
  3. jwpilly

    jwpilly Well-Known Member

  4. tannerw_2010

    tannerw_2010 Member

    Simply rooting your phone won't make it lag free or anything, but rooting it and installing a custom ROM, in general, will be much smoother than the stock hero rom. By far, the fastest ROM I have used has been Darchdroid 2.7. I have had ZERO dialer lag, and practically unnoticeable lag when swiping between home screens. I am using Launcher Pro which has a lot to do with it, but the fact that Darch has JIT enabled and is OCed is a big reason why.
  5. andygu3

    andygu3 Android Expert

    Having been rooted for only 3 weeks (running cSrOm rom), I can say that my phone performs awesome now! No dialer lag, browser loads quickly, internal phone storage back up in the 100's mb.:)
    As far as stock 2.1 is concerned, I really never had any issues at all! Other than having applications on my phone I did not need, ie: sprint navigation (rather use google navigation), sprint football (sorry not a nfl fan), sprint tv, twitter, flicker....you can get rid of Sprint applications by rooting.;)
    I would recommend the Hero to anyone (stock), but if you are going to root, do your research and the great thing about rooting is nandroid(saved my butt last night), you can always go back to stock 2.1 quickly:D
    +1 Kelmar
    Also remember, these forums are an awesome way to get questions answered, any problems you may run into stock or rooted, more than likely you can find help here:)
  6. 00h2itr

    00h2itr Well-Known Member

    Root is definitely the way to go on these phones. Dev's can address certain issues you like or don't like. Once your a lot more comfortable, you too can address these. Also the customization is endless once rooted.
  7. Illuminator

    Illuminator Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the replies, all.

    I was starting to get a little dismayed with Sprint's Android offerings. It seems like everywhere I looked, every phone besides the EVO was something lackluster and not worth paying for. It's good to know that the Hero is a great phone, especially when it's rooted and ROM'd; I'm happy my suspicions are correct. :)

    I was reading through much of the rooting literature last night on this board and from what I can tell, it seems pretty simple to root it. Haven't examined installing a custom ROM much, but it seems as though all this is pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

    Now I'm really looking forward to purchasing a Hero, but I'm a bit strapped for cash at the moment, so I'll have to wait until the end of the month.

    Thank you for the responses everyone.

    Oh, one more question:

    Using a custom ROM still enables the use of the Android market and the applications available for Android, correct? Is a ROM like a custom OS or is it more like Linux where you have different flavors of it, but everything designed for Linux, works with it? I was wondering if there might be some compatibility issues between custom ROMS and applications found on the Market.

    And one more ;) :

    I've read that it's possible to use a micro SD card for more memory once Android is rooted. Is this the case? I was thinking that if I can get a Hero setup and customized the way I like, I could get a 16gb micro SD card and use the Hero as a replacement for my ZuneHD, passing off my Zune to my fiance for the time being. The simple reason is for consolidation, so I don't have to carry around multiple devices with me when I work out, drive, etc.
  8. andygu3

    andygu3 Android Expert

    Custom roms will have access to the market
    16 gb card would be good!!
  9. Zardos

    Zardos Well-Known Member

    I rooted and flashed a rom the night I got mine home.

    Stock just doesn't cut it.
  10. Joehunni

    Joehunni Android Expert

    If you are gonna doom yourself (lol) to live with the Hero, your gonna wanna pull out all the stops and optimize it in every way. Root > custom rom > overclock, you'll be happy you did when you see the difference it makes.
  11. Illuminator

    Illuminator Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm certainly not afraid to do any of that. I'm a longtime PC builder, tweaker and overclocker, so I definitely don't think I'll be shying away from that on the Hero.

    I wonder though, does overclocking the Hero drain the battery much? I suppose a mild overclock isn't too bad, but can the hardware handle the extra heat?
  12. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands

    If you keep it oc'ed to around 710, which is considered to be the optimum top speed by many, you should not have any heat or battery issues. There is a widget that will control the oc, so it will lower the speed when the screen is off. I actually noticed an increase in battery life with the first overclocked rom I used....
  13. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    Yes, you can still use the market and apps. It's all based off of android but with different "flavors". There are occasions when there may be issues between ROM and apps on the market, but typically everything runs clean; if you run across one of these problems, find a new ROM. :)

    You can use the MicroSD to store movie/music regardless of root status. My advice, if possible, is to keep the ZuneHD. I ditched mine when I got the Hero and I wish I hadn't. SOOOOOooooo much more convenient and with much better controls (not to mention the battery lasting longer than the Hero). Yes, it's a pain to carry 2 devices, but for working out or listening to music in the car, it's much easier/better IMO.
  14. Illuminator

    Illuminator Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Good to know. I like my ZuneHD a lot (aside from how it seems to randomly switch songs and podcasts on me. Weird issue, haven't found anyone else experiencing the same thing), I'd just like to have to carry less electronics around with me.

    Also, I've heard that Droid has some decent emulators on it, but they only work on certain phones. Most specifically, would an NES and Genesis emulator work on the Hero? I'd absolutely love it if I could carry around my childhood favorites with me. Playing a little Super Mario Brothers 3 and the Sonic games would absolutely make my day.

    Edit: and holy shit. I just saw a Youtube video of a guy playing Pokemon via an emulator. Now I absolutely have to buy a Droid/Hero.
  15. Illuminator

    Illuminator Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Another question that just occurred to me:

    One of the reasons I'd like to upgrade to an Android is that I get utterly crap service with my current phone in my apartment. I've read of apps that can boost the Android's radio signal, allowing for better service. Now my question is, how is the Hero's service in general? Is it better, worse or comparable to any other type of phone? And whatever it is, is it possible to boost that signal so as to receive a bit better service, or am I just doomed because the network is worthless where I'm at?

    I suppose even if I purchase a Hero and get just the same service, it won't matter too much, because I'll at least have a better phone.
  16. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    Emulators will likely run slow/laggy on the Hero.

    First Sprint phone here and I don't have toooo many service issues. If you root you can flash different radios that will help/hurt your signal and service. Sprint gives you 30 days to try it FWIW.

    Curious, what are you looking for in the Hero? What are your expectations from it?
  17. Illuminator

    Illuminator Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Mostly a utility phone.

    Something that's reasonably small (smaller than the Exclaim, anyway), that I can use for internet browsing, texting and any other applications I may find interesting or necessary (stuff like the amazon scan app and things of that likeness). Also, just a toy. Something to play with and customize; I'm an electronics and computer junkie, so I just like having things to fool around with and do things on. I also want something to get me through the next year or so, so I don't have to deal with my current phone. I was really hoping I'd be able to run a NES emulator and/or a Genesis emulator on it. I think that's mostly it though: I want a new toy.

    I'm mostly just tired of the phone I have now and would really like something different. I really like the design of the Hero and the things you can (seemingly) do with it. I like the fact that it's essentially a PC that I can play with.

    Edit: I also figured it was sort-of a cheap upgrade and alternative to my current phone. I wasn't intending on buying directly from Sprint, but instead, going over Ebay for a used phone with a clean ESN. The Hero is appealing on this level as well, because it can be had generally for $150-$170 used on Ebay. Were I to upgrade through Sprint, it would end-up being more like $325 + $100 mail in rebate and who knows if that would ever come through. The Intercept would also end-up being around $275 + $100 MiR. I like the EVO, but it's a little large for my tastes, not to mention, it would come in at a whopping $375 + $100 MiR, as well as the $10 a month service fee, which I'd barely get to use as I hear 4G in Denver is spotty at best; as well as the fact that I frequently travel to Boulder and there's no 4G there. The Hero just seemed to be my cheapest option for an upgrade to an Android and something that appeals to me both in size and for aesthetic reasons. Not to mention the ability to tweak and play with it.
  18. Illuminator

    Illuminator Newbie
    Thread Starter


    Looks like I jumped the gun (as usual). Found a good, clean looking Hero for $125 on Ebay, ESN was declared clean (luckily, the phone is protected under Ebay's Buyer Protection. So if it's not as described, that is, stolen, I'll at least have that to fall back on) and I couldn't resist. Unfortunately, I'm rather poor at the moment and I probably couldn't afford it, yet the deal seemed too good to pass up, thus forcing me to jump on it before someone else.

    Here's hoping it all works out for me. Looking forward to getting it and learning everything I can about the thing and here's hoping it's a good phone for me for a good long while.
  19. Illuminator

    Illuminator Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So here's a question:

    I've been reading through these forums for the past few days, trying to soak-up as much information as possible. But, I'm still rather confused about ROM's. What is the benefit of one over another? A lot of people seem to really like Fresh, others Zen and still others, Darch, etc, etc.

    So what are the differences, benefits between some ROMs? More stable? More features? Any suggestions for someone new to all this?
  20. what_stanger?

    what_stanger? Newbie

    yeah, you have the idea..
    -some will use sense, and some don't.
    -some will be faster, although sometimes less stable
    -some have more support than others do
    -some are more basic and light, others are packed with features, etc.

    your best bet is to decide what you need from the rom, and then go look over at xda forums and read up and see what kind of issues people have/general feedback. I personally would want something somewhat stable if I were you being new to it, but you may have different needs than I do.

    once rooted you can switch to a different rom if you aren't happy with how one performs.
  21. tannerw_2010

    tannerw_2010 Member

    I have tried SNESoid, Gameboid, and NESoid, and the only one of those that are playable is NESoid. There is a little lag, on NESoid, but I have had Super Mario 3 on it and it is running well, and is very playable, even more so since I flashed Darch 2.7 (by far the smoothest ROM I have flashed). I definitely think you can have NESoid on your hero and be content, although there are hitches.

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