people search showing 20+ of the same person



Yesterday i noticed when I tried to call someone on my people search list it showed their names 20+. When I cliked on the name it showed no information. When I scrolled down to the bottom of the list of 20 names it had their facebook link with the phone number but I had to scroll all the way to the bottom to find it.

When I looked through all of the people search I noticed about 10 people that had this issue. Any idea's on what I might have done to cause this or how I might be able to fix it ?

Thank You

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Are you using an HTC phone? I had this problem but found the solution.

If you have HTC sync you'r contact photos, AND Facebook's updated app sync the photo's it will cause this conflict. After messing around I found this.

Turn off contact sync in Facebook settings and then go to each contact that has the problem, click the 'link' button. and unlink all those blank links. Then hit clear 'selections' and hit 'ok'


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Sorry I wasn't clear on the phone, it is a HTC Incredible. and you solution worked perfectly.

Thank you kindly for the info.