People with poor battery performance


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I see some people in the forums bragging about how great their batteries are and i am jealous :)

I took mine of the charger at 7:00 this morning and at 3:00 my phone was already down to 40 percent.

My question for the users that also seem to have poor battery life is, once your phone reaches 40% does a reboot give you more battery life? Every time my phone reaches 40% a reboot brings mine back up to 60%

This happens every time so it is not a coincidence or a onetime thing.

I am curios if the reporting is off because it is almost 5:00 and i just did a reboot and now I have 60% left.

I can live with 40% usage from 7:00 to 5:00 but I can't live with 60% usage from 7:00 to 3:00


Jon Nale

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I took my phone off the charger at 3am (when I left for my gfs house), and I just plugged it in 15 min ago (7:45pm) and I had 60% left.

I didn't use my phone too much today, but I used it enough.


Took phone off charger this morning at 8:30, when I got home at 7p I was sitting at 60%. I have wifi and gps disabled throughout the day and have a strong 3g signal. I probably send 30-40 text msgs and send/receive 20-30 emails and talk 30-40 mins in that time. I also randomly jump on the net to look at foxnews/cnn etc. as well as check for app updates and newly released apps. I am extremely happy with this, as the Pre I had before would not make it through the day without being charged. I had to really watch what I was doing with that phone in order to keep any battery life in it. Maybe I got lucky, maybe I'm just not a heavy user by some peoples definition.


Do you have the GPS tracking constantly on? Do you have the wireless enabled all day? Do you have the bightness of your screen all the way up? Do you have advance task killer installed? Have you checked in the battery usage (settings, about my phone, battery use) what is being used and how much? I was having a similar problem, but have learned that this is not a typical cell phone. Treat it as a mini-computer and its going to need power. Try turning off/disabling/shading what I mentioned above. Also kill apps through the day and see if that helps also. Good luck!


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If I use normal phone functions and apps/web sparingly I can get 3 days out of mine. If I use apps and web a lot I get around 8 hours. I also try to always discharge the battery fully before I charge again. Are you in areas where your phone is struggling for a signal?


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I do use it quite a bit and i looked in the settings and it said the display was using most of the battery. Around 50% i have it set to auto adjust

I am mainly curios on why a reboot of the phone gives me a 20% increase of battery. this happens consistently, every time i get down to 40% just reboot and then i gain 20% and it jumps to 60%. i monitored it to see if drops right away and it doesn