People with the .3 "unofficial" update look here


If you're looking to update to the .6 "official" OTA that was released, it seems this may be your only option that I have heard of right now.
Alright guys, this is what I was told by HTC Tech.

After talking to the useless sprint tech support for 20 mins, 4 drop calls, and a session with advanced tech. I was finally given the number to HTC. The htc tech guy put me on hold like 3 minutes into the conversation to talk to his supervisor.

From what he told me, sprint will have the ability to downgrade the software to a previous version via a software HTC is sending them. Apparently, some sprint stores are not aware of this thus the "we can't do that" answer.

In the hopes of maybe being able to get the software I asked if I could just download it and do it myself. LoL, well they pretty much gave me the whole; well we don't want to risk voiding your warranty by accidental root blah blah.

So, to conclude according to this HTC guy, Sprint should have ability to revert your software to 1.47.

Atleast, that's what I got from all this. He said to try waiting a couple days then calling the repair shop.

Source: HTC support response to installing 3.26.651.3!! - xda-developers

I'll probably be trying to do this tomorrow if i can drop my phone off before work, so ill update here tomorrow night.