perfect phone for my needs

I got the note 3 in March and have been tweaking it since then. I have it up to 100gb of memory and just added a 6500mah battery. Now, wherever I travel I have a GSM phone with all the memory I need and three days of battery. All I have had to add is a folding keyboard. Now I'm set for anything.


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
welcome to the AF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i agree the note 3 is a great phone. usually i get a new phone every least it has been for the past 3 years or i get sick of my current phone and wanted to upgrade. however, this phone is just right for me. i do like the specs on the note 4, but i'm gonna wait until my contract runs out this time, before upgrading to a new phone.
I'm on my ninth month with my Note 3 and it has been a superb experience so far. Battery lasts me more than a day on heavy use. I also have a spare battery bundle, so I never have range anxiety. Best phone I've ever had and I've no plans to upgrade to the Note 4. Perhaps late next year when my current contract ends, I'll be looking at the Note 5. As long as Samsung keeps the replaceable battery form factor and their super amoled screens, I'm sticking with them.