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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by argentwarrior20, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Alright, my girlfriend gave me her Volt and said if I could unbrick it, I could have it. She had rooted it, but then her phone tried to update OTA and it's in a (stock) recovery boot loop. Immediately upon boot, it goes to recovery, sits there for under a second, and promptly reboots. Can't get to download mode, can't use fastboot to wipe cache, can't do anything. This phone was completely stock, except for root and a couple Xposed modules. I *told* her to flash CWM and get off the stock ROM immediately but noooooooo, that's too complicated.

    So, anyway. Is it f*cked or...? I'm not a noob. I've been using rooted Android for years. I just lack the experience with LG's particular brand of Apple-ism (always used Motorola and Samsung).
    I have a Mac and a Linux PC available, and if necessary a Wangblows 7 VM.

  2. bg4m3r

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    First, you do not want CWM. The only recovery we have that's working is TWRP. If it still had stock recovery and only had SuperSU and a couple Xposed modules, I'm surprised the update bricked it at all, let alone this severely. If you used kingroot or something, or had CWM installed that's a different story.

    As for fixing this mess you've made, try option 2 in this post using the TWRP image from here (see the All Things Root guide). If course, this is assuming you can get it into adb mode. Using a virtual machine is not recommended.

    With a working recovery installed you should be able to install a ROM.

    Your girlfriend was probably reluctant to mess with the phone more than she needed to, and there's nothing wrong with the stock ROM for an average user.
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