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Persistant root

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kam187, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. kam187

    kam187 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    EDIT: This is probably a better way to do it http://androidforums.com/samsung-behold-2/46137-how-root-apps-working-persistent-root.html

    So we have persistant root :)

    Thanks to chaoscentral for testing it out :)

    You need this file - try3:
    alt link http://www.4shared.com/file/14856430...e869/try3.html

    Code (Text):
    2. adb push try3 /data/local
    3. adb shell chmod 0755 /data/local/try3
    4. adb shell
    5. /data/local/try3 /system/bin/sh
    6. mount -o rw,remount /dev/st9 /system
    7. cat /system/bin/sh > /system/bin/su
    8. chmod 04755 /system/bin/su
    9. su
    10. cat  /system/bin/playlogo >  /system/bin/playlogo_real
    11. /system/bin/chmod 0755 /system/bin/playlogo_real
    13. echo "#!/system/bin/sh
    14. /data/local/try3 /system/bin/sh
    15. mount -o rw,remount /dev/st9 /system
    16. cat /system/bin/sh > /system/bin/su
    17. chmod 04755 /system/bin/su
    18. /system/bin/playlogo_real" > /system/bin/playlogo
    Reboot, adb shell in and type 'su' to become root :p

    People seem to be confused what this means! So here's a simple explanation.

    - The above means you can root the phone, and so use any programs which NEED root to work. eg market enabler, or market apps marked (ROOT)

    - This is the first step to a custom ROM, but doesnt mean we can just make one up as simply as we can for other phones like the galaxy or HTC.

    - If you don't understand the above, then you most likely DONT need to run it!

    - If you don't need to run any 'root' only apps you DONT need to run the above!

    This is more a proof that persistant root is possible, and the first step that rom cookers will need to make a custom rom. However there are still some obsticles to get over. We need to kill the running processes and rerun the custom ones. This hasnt been done before and would be a new technique - so it will take time.

    I've decided against buying a behold 2/swapping my galaxy for one, so someone else will have to carry on from here. Good luck guys :)

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  2. chaoscentral

    chaoscentral Well-Known Member

    This works! I got to help try this out :)
  3. fenfir

    fenfir Lurker

    Good job guys. Hope to try it out when mine gets here.
  4. jazzedmurf

    jazzedmurf Member

    As this is my first Android device, I'm a total newb on the hacking side of things. What does this mean? Should I be jumping for joy--or just excited that soon I'll be able to jump for joy?

    Whatever the case, thank you guys so much for taking such fast steps towards making this phone reach its potential!

  5. derrickps3

    derrickps3 Android Enthusiast

    so is this a root to 1.6? i am also a newb, please give more details
  6. bigch0ps

    bigch0ps Newbie

    I don't under stand where to type this code into and how to do the whole procedure
  7. chaoscentral

    chaoscentral Well-Known Member

    in the command prompt with your computer connected through usb, make sure you have tha android SDK installed with ADB working. If any of that confuses you, have a read up here

    Android SDK | Android Developers

    Also for those wondering what root allows you to do, please see

    Why Root - Android Wiki
  8. bigch0ps

    bigch0ps Newbie

    Alright thank you. I will read up.
  9. jazzedmurf

    jazzedmurf Member

    "What Do I Lose Having Root?

    5. The ability to have a knowledgeable conversation with a T-Mobile rep about your phone. (Ask one of them to spell root for you)"

  10. behold_this

    behold_this Android Expert

    thanx so much guys, for all your good work. is there anyway we could trouble you for a full walk-through/tutorial? do you have to preform the usb/three button boot up mentioned in earlier thread?
  11. kchop

    kchop Lurker

    thanks guys for all the work. I'm an Android newbie and have two rooting questions specific to this phone:

    If I root do the phone do I
    a) lose the pulldown status bar at the top that i really like?
    b) preclude myself from any updates from Samsung (including version 2.0)?

    This phone is coming together now...thanks everyone here!
  12. march7th

    march7th Newbie

    I keep getting "playlogo: no such file or directory" on the "cat playlogo > playlogo_real" step. any help for this would be greatly appreciated
  13. chaoscentral

    chaoscentral Well-Known Member

    slight oversight on the code, should be

    Code (Text):
    1. cat /system/bin/playlogo > /system/bin/playlogo_real

    a) this has no effect on removing what your phone currently has. This isn't a custom ROM, it just simply allows you to have complete control over your phone.
    b) it does not block any OTA updates such as the 2.0 update, but be warned, if you do update there might not be a way to get root back.
  14. march7th

    march7th Newbie

    thank you! is the last step of code off too? I get a not found on that as well. thanks again for everything
  15. Sloth

    Sloth Lurker


    What about flashing the recovery partition? Any luck with that?
  16. kam187

    kam187 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    So it looks like the system partition isnt restored, but instead some script must check the su and sh commands. I assume then that the recovery partition isnt flashing because its either in a different place (odin), or it needs to be signed properly.

    Since we have a script that can run on boot, we can store a file on the sdcard called updat.zip, and extract it over system on boot.

    However the playlogo (and any other file we choose) HAS to run AFTER the init.rc because the init.rc mounts the partitions.

    That means running a custom rom is a little more tricky, because we need to kill system processes and restart them. I'm definatly up for making a custom rom, and have several ideas how to do it. I really want to port the sense UI actually.

    As soon as i get a behold i'll start on it :)
  17. bigch0ps

    bigch0ps Newbie

    when I download the android sdk do i download the latest version or do i download what is installed on my phone (1.5)????
  18. Ozymandias

    Ozymandias Member

    Yeah, but thanks to this its gone from impossible to tedious. I'll help out once mine comes in.
  19. derrickps3

    derrickps3 Android Enthusiast

    so does this root lest us installs apps onto our sd cards?
  20. bigch0ps

    bigch0ps Newbie

    this is driving me crazy... I must be missing something. I cant do it.
  21. kam187

    kam187 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Well not quite tedious. It can still be packaged up into an easy procedure. Its just alot more complicated to make the custom rom in the first place to start all the processes properly.

    It might help if you described your problem a bit more. 'i cant do it' isnt going to get u much help!!
  22. chaoscentral

    chaoscentral Well-Known Member

    give me about 15 minutes, making a quick video and I'll be putting on youtube.
  23. bigch0ps

    bigch0ps Newbie

    I posted that out of frustration. I was talking about the whole root process in general. I downloaded the latest sdk and I couldn't get my serial number to show up in the command box on my pc. But I see that chaoscentral is going to post a video which is greatly appreciated. Once I see the video I will probably smack myself! Dohhh!! Thanks again chaos and kam for your replies.
  24. alexsandor

    alexsandor Lurker

    why can't we have a recovery image for the phone?
  25. chaoscentral

    chaoscentral Well-Known Member

    Here is the youtube video of how to root once the SDK is installed,

    YouTube - How-To Root a Behold 2!

    bigch0ps, I'll make another video on how to setup the sdk if you still havent gotten it by now.

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