Dirk Prinsloo

May 4, 2022
Hi there,

Brand new to the community here. I was hoping to get some advise here. I am a bird photographer (Cloud Architect by trade). I would like to develop an app for personal use that meets the following requirements:
  • Storage of photos in the cloud (I am familiar with Microsoft Technologies)
  • Database where I can link the photo to a list of species including some metadata (Name, Date first sighted, Location (manual entry))
  • App front end to view species, view photos per specie, view sightings
So in essence a relatively basic requirement, but I have absolutely no idea where to start. For those that are familiar with Microsoft PowerApps, I have built such an app already, but looking to convert the solution to a more native Android solution.

Any tips, pointers, advise will be helpful.


Have you built such a PowerApps app already?
But the feature of creating standalone, native mobile apps with Power Apps will be generally available in Jun 2022.
So it looks like you have to wait a month before you can convert your PowerApps app to a native Android app.
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