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Personal Assistant: Your #1 Financial Assistant

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by 2500hd77, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Pageonce personal assistant is one of the easiest to use applications available in the android market. With up to five different free accounts with the free edition of personal assistant you cannot go wrong with downloading this app and enjoying the multitude of accounts you can choose to sync with it.

    Track your checkings account which shows updates on all purchases with all liable accounts linked to it like your debit card, credit card, savings account and any other accounts you may have linked with your bank. Plus, its more user friendly than using the mobile banking site!

    Worried about when your cellphone bill is due and how much it is or how many minutes are left remaining for the month? No Worries! With Personal assistant simply sync your online cellphone account and have updated information right on hand.

    Have a lot of email accounts? You can do that too. Enter the information for your email account and you can view all of your emails through there too.

    Maybe you like to shop? You can sync your Ebay, Amazon and a lot of other sites where you can view many of your purchases, items being watched and whatever else you had money to spend on.

    Some of us are social junkies. You have a Facebook, Myspace, maybe even a Twitter account. Hey there is no problem with that! Sync those networking sites and keep up to date on everyone and everything. And then after you've done that, post an update that you're reading my review!

    Finally when you see that this application is the best of the best and are done setting up all of the accounts that you want, use your travel application you have set up through Pageonce Personal Assistant and go take a long relaxing trip... or dream of one you can afford to go on.


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