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Personal Issues W/ Slide. Do You Have Them?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Cantee, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Cantee

    Cantee Lurker
    Thread Starter

    There seems to be a problem with my MyTouch Slide whether it be the network or the phone itself. I am going to list some of the issues I'm having and it'd be great if others share if they had the same issues or if they had advice to give on how to fix them.

    1) I seem to have trouble receiving MMS/picture messages. It always gets stuck saying 'Downloading' after I prompted it to download. It does this using both the standard messaging app and Handcent as well.

    2) I have trouble sending messages in general. I always am told "Message is not sent" even when I have great or just decent reception. Before the update, I had to resend messages almost every single time but now most of the time it sends itself about 10 seconds later. Now it's just a bit of an annoyance.

    2a) When I resend those messages sometimes it will restart my phone completely even though I'm not doing all that much activity besides the resending of the message.

    3) Just general slowdowns and freezing, but that's probably just the low clock on the cpu. It's not as big of a deal or as annoying as the other two, but then again, most of the time when it happens I'm not doing much on it to begin with. Even with advanced task killer on. Maybe I need to mess with some stuff with that?

    4) General gripes about battery. This isn't too bad because it was expected. But even when I had Wi-Fi/3G off and brightness to 0%, it drains fairly quickly. I wish it would have lasted more towards 1 1/2 to 2 days in this state, but it may be my fault or just typical. I'm used to it now so it wasn't too much of a deal.

    How about everyone else? Anything to add to the list that you're experiencing? Experiencing the same stuff? Help for me?

    Thanks for reading.

  2. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Android Expert

    Do I have those issues?
    1) yes
    2) no
    3) no
    4) yes

    My girl used "advanced task killer" on her vibrant and had a lot of lag.

    I use TasKiller from AxDroid LLC it works great for me and has a nice widget. It is worth the $2 it costs.
  3. jimczyz

    jimczyz Well-Known Member

    1. Not since the update. Handcent seemed to crash a lot, uninstalled it.
    2.Not so much since the update.
    3.Never had any slowdowns or freezes, mine is and was from the start running fast.
    4.My battery was so so before, got better after the update, tmo sync stopped trying to run nonstop.

    I hope that helps if you didn't get the update yet. If you did, you might want to take it in and exchange it. I love this phone and have not had any problems at all.
  4. Madwolf27

    Madwolf27 Member

    1. No (well, on occasion, but my Behold 2 did the same, network issue)
    2. See #1.
    2a. No, never.
    3. No freeze, ever and about the only way to get it to slow down is to run 3 different homes (ADW, Launcher pro, and Sense) an not kill tasks for a day or two. It's faster than any other android phone I have seen.
    4. Battery lasts 16+ hours with light to moderate use. Considerably less if a surf alot or play games for an hour or so.

    I WAS having a problem with delays when closing apps. Had to be an installed app causing it, I either uninstalled it or it got updated case that problem vanished.

    I still have a stuck pixel though :(
  5. bowzer

    bowzer Lurker

    1) Yes...about 50% of the time but I consider it network related vs the phone
    2) Yes...10% of the time...again, I consider it the network
    2a) Network delay lockup maybe? Never had it occur...
    3) Never...Sounds a lot like you have something running in background eating a lot of capacity
    4) Refer answer to #3
  6. Don Diddles

    Don Diddles Newbie

    1. not sure
    2. yes
    2a. no
    3. no
    4. my battery dies really quick
  7. Exaqtion

    Exaqtion Well-Known Member

    On the 2nd one. I actually deleted all my messages and I've sent around 150 since then and haven't had the "message not sent" error yet. Maybe it does it because theres too many messages in the inbox?
  8. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Android Expert

    If anyone has ESPN scorecenter downloaded it is a major battery hog.

    Even if you don't have the widget up just having the app will kill your battery.

    I was getting 8-10 hours of light use time with the app now my phone lasts all day.
  9. UnknownAlly

    UnknownAlly Well-Known Member

    I have so many issues with this phone that it's too many to remember.

    battery life
    no send button on pad
    too many force closes
    scroll trips out
    not enough apps
    camcorder has no light (personally fixed)
    genius button is half assed
  10. 1. YES
    2. Sometimes
    3. No
    4. Sometimes

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