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Support Personal Splash screen always distorted ! T989

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GalaxDon, Dec 26, 2014.

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    Jul 17, 2012

    Jul 17, 2012
    I have this issue with my phone (Samsung SGH-T989D -Same as T-Mobile T-989)
    Every time I save my personal splash screen, it appears distorted and not the good collor...
    I use the PNG to RLE converter to see the original TELUS splash screen...
    Telus pic is bigger then it appears on booting ... Black color at the bottom that don't appears on booting.
    Also, it's kind of weird when zooming and unzooming in the TELUS pic... The TELUS 4G image change to scramble at different % value of zooming... And there is no green color...What kind of pic is this ???
    Do I need to keep the same file size 11ko ?
    I keep the same resolution 720 x 1280 , but the file size is bigger, it's my personal pic I want...
    I've tried a lot of saved... smaller file size, with and without transparency, 8, 16, 24bits...
    It's always the same result = SCRAMBLE
    The only way I can do something, I made a 720 x 1280 full black color only... So the screen stays black when it's splash screen then animated samsung logo...

    I'm not an expert with art graphics compression... ( I don't have photoshop... I've worked on with Paint and Microsoft Photo Editor
    Ok here's the link to see my original initlogo.rle
    .png from converted .rle with the app to convert it...
    and a pic of the original TELUS splash screen of how it realy appears on my phone.
    It's kind different from what we can see when extracted and converted to png
    Ok thanks
    I hope someone knows...



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