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I'm really excited about the Thunderbolt. However, I completely LOVE the ability to use widgets on my original Droid and have exactly what I want at my fingertips quickly.

Will the Sense UI allow us to use the same widgets we have on other android phones? Like Pure messenger/Pure calendar/Doggcatcher widgets??

Otherwise, I'm not sure I can leave my original droid!


Yes you can. However to get the scrolling with PM/PC etc you need to use a different Home Screen Launcher and will not be able to use Sense.

However Sense has scrolling. In any case any widget you use on the Droid, you can use on the TBOLT.


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my advice would be to give the sense widgets a go for a while to see if you like them... they will most likely be different but htc has the most polished UI for android and I can't go back to vanilla/ or other launchers for long