Help Petition for htc to update wildfire s after last update caused numerous problems


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Since updating in July I have encountered issues with my device and I know others have aswell.
The main problem is it constantly worse reboots and this is becoming worse by the day. This seems to happen more often when browsing.My phone has also begun to frezze and overheat wich never happens prior to the update.

I am outraged with HTC as they have not even issued a statemet saying they are trying to fix the problem even though its reccomended you update your handset. Feal free to state new problems you have encountered since the update below.

Other users such as kevm66 have encountered problems with this update.He recently posted this complaint in another thread.

Hi, I havehad someissues with my handset since updating and want to know if anybody else is experiencing these issues also.

Since the HTC Wildfire S was released May 2011 I have received 3 OTA System Updates. (My handset was purchased unlocked from Vodafone Ireland and has never been rooted or had the OS customized/tampered with. All updateswere through the "Software Update" option.)

I received the 1st update in November 2011 which, as everyone knows, upgraded the handset from android 2.3.3 to android 2.3.5 and added the Sense 3 lock screen. This update also included many bug fixes and performance improvements, as stated. (Changed "IMEI" to "SV 02")

In April 2012, I received the 2nd update, which stated that it was a performance and stability update. (Changed "IMEI" to "SV 03" and changed "Softwareno"to "") However after updating, I noticed no new features but many new bugs and issues. These included:

Much higher battery temperatures (pre-update: around 25 *C, post-update: around 35 - 45 *C), Notifications not showing on lock screen (eg. how many unread messages over the "messages app" shortcut), increase in force closing of apps, other performance and stability bugs.

In July 2012, I received the 3rd (and most recent) update, which stated thesamenew features& performance improvements as the 2nd update. (Changed "IMEI" to "SV04" and changed "Softwareno"to "") The results were also identical to the 2nd update and the only thing that changed is the Softwareno. from to

Clearly these updates were not an improvement. After several Factory Resets/Formats and contacting HTC support I still have reached no resolution for these problems. HTC support said to send it for repair but I want to know if anybody else has the same problems 1st .

This proves the update has corrupted the software. I propose everyone likes and replies to this post until we get enough people so HTC update are beloved phones.Repliy to the post so i can add your name to the petition

Thanks to everyone in advance for the help



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Just turned on my wildfire s for the first time in a while and i cant believe they still havnt issued an update to fix these numerous issues :thinking: Oh well


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Root it and install Something like WildChild3 ROM. It removes your carrier's bloat and runs much quicker. Mine's O/C to 806MHz rock solid with 3 days battery (Calls and a little light surfing)


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I have a nexus 4 so its all good but I always thought HTC were wrong to abandon a device that they broke with an update.