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Root Petition for unlocked bootloaders on our LG Venice

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Darkangels6sic, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Darkangels6sic

    Thread Starter


  2. Darkangels6sic

    Thread Starter

    Don't just look! Sign. For everyone that looks and says your signature won't make a difference and continues away you just leave us one signature short of the goal. There is nothing to lose, only gain.
    If 20 people say the same thing, that's 20 signatures we lose. If those same 20 make a difference and sign that's 20 more easy and helpful signatures.
  3. thermalpaste

    thermalpaste Newbie

    signed it!
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  4. Darkangels6sic

    Thread Starter

    Come on! 139 views and what? Two of you signed? If all of you who looked had signed we would have surpassed our petition goal. So just sign. Even if it feels like It's just you. This is already a great phone, but with some tweaks and cm10.1-2 it could be Even better.
  5. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender

    I don't have the device but signed :thumbup:
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  6. DalynTheSk8r

    DalynTheSk8r Lurker

    made 2 accounts and signed. will do more tomorrow
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  7. clark71822

    clark71822 Member

    I have the Venice's relative, the Optimus Showtime that has the same bootloader issue. I signed the petition as well and will help pass the word along.
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  8. Crossvxm

    Crossvxm Newbie

    Currently signing it. Im not really new here just lost access to my previous account. I once owned a Sprint LG Optimus G (LS970). Those and similar E970 models have what are called "TeenyBins" which are pushed thru Download Mode and basically add a custom recovery, etc using LGNPST and the TeenyBin (a small .bin file). Couldnt the same method be used on this model? The LG Optimus G was as locked down as this was and by plugging in that .bin file, the phone then had a fastboot mode identical to the Nexus 7 and so, with TWRP. Google "TeenyBin" and read on it at XDA. To me it seems like a possible way of unlocking this phones BL. I wanted to experiment on tossing one from another device on this one, but if bricked, recovering thru Download Mode using a .kdz file will no longer work. Any ideas?
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  9. jbm1976

    jbm1976 Newbie

    I would like this as well. I have a showtime.
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  10. kdraw44

    kdraw44 Android Enthusiast

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  11. advilsmith

    advilsmith Newbie

    Signed it
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  12. Darkangels6sic

    Thread Starter

    Thank you everyone for your support so far! We reached 44 signs. I got a lot of signs by asking my family and close friends to help. Also by sharing the link on social media hint hint.

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