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Phandroid News: Phandroid News: Android News App Done Right

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by angermeans, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Mar 30, 2010

    Mar 30, 2010
    Phandroid News is a must have application for any Android fan that can never get enough up to date Android news from one of the most trusted Android sources on the net. Best part of all is that it is absolutely free! It can be found in the Android Marketplace by searching for “phandroid.” It contains up to date information from everything to news, app and hardware reviews, and even videos.

    The application is very easy to use has found a dedicated spot on one of my valuable home screens that Google and it’s partners have graciously given us Android faithful. The background is a deep black which I found is very easy on the eyes and makes the white text really stand out and very simple to read on even the smallest of screens. It includes pictures that are obviously relevant to the articles written and really make this application stand apart from the many simple and basic website ports that you will find on the overly saturated Android marketplace. Among the articles text you will find text that is highlighted blue that is clickable and will jump to the mobile website. At the end of the article it gives the source and a clickable link to the phandroid website. I found this a very welcoming feature in that I was able to easily jump to phandroid.com and jump into the comment section. Articles are saved to the SD card or internal memory and can be easily deleted by hitting the “menu” button and then “Delete All Data” button. According to the applications description found androidapplications.com it does not run in the background or waste the battery which works for me because who doesn’t want that precious battery to last longer while out and about. This doesn’t mean that you can’t simply jump from an article in the application to an incoming text or phone call and jump right back after all Android OS is still the same multitasking powerhouse we have all come to know and love. The simple to use features make it simple to read the articles and jump to the website if you find yourself wanting to jump to use Android’s pinch to zoom or double tap features for both photos and imbedded videos. Simply tap the “menu” button followed by “View In Browser” and your off the races.

    Besides being a great application and easy to use I found myself wanting a little more. It would be great to have dedicated one click options to upload the article to Twitter or Facebook to share with your friends or the internet community. Hopefully, in the future we might also be able to comment within the app and it would be nice to have a dedicated widget for the home screen to easily jump into the application. These wants are hardly deal breakers though. The developer(s) and phandroid.com did a considerable job on this much welcomed application and I am sure that if you give it a try it will find itself in your daily Android rituals.

    -Embedded videos that can be watched within the app with Froyo and Flash 10.1 or Youtube
    -Very easy to use and user friendly
    -Updated multiple times daily
    -Does not run in the background or waste battery
    -Easy to read white text on black background
    -Dedicated Update, View in Browser, and Delete buttons

    -Can’t comment within application
    -A Widget would be welcome, but not necessarily missed
    -No Facebook and Twitter Integration


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