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Phantom Skinz protectors

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Zumaki, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. Zumaki

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    Back when I first got my Moment, I was invited to do a comparison test between different types of 'skin' protectors (thread). At the time, Phantom Skinz provided me their product for free, because they were sure theirs was the best. I did an initial comparison, found the Phantom Skinz to be best at the time, and then made some occasional updates over the months. As of the time I powered down the Moment last, the original screen protector was still on, still holding firm, and still looked good after nearly a year of pockets, keys, bars, etc.

    After owning my Moment for a year and seeing other people with various brands of skins, I have to say, I still think PS is best. So this time I actually paid for the full-body skin, and it arrived 3 days ago. It's just as good on the EVO as it was for my Moment. I know this sounds kind of like a plug but aside from sending me the free sample to use in my review, I have no stake in their company or anyone working there. I just think the Phantom Skinz skin is quality.

    It's not too thin, not too thick, doesn't mess up the view, and hides scratches/oil easily. I like the back skin not so much to protect the back panel but because its very slightly gummy and makes it so my phone sticks in one place when I set it on the dash or console in my car.

    It won't absorb the impact of a fall, but it definitely saved my Moment from getting some body scuffs when I dropped it on asphalt.

    The side panels kind of annoy, though.

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